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The Macclesfield, S.E. Cheshire and Buxton RSPCA branch care for the welfare of, rescue and rehome animals in parts of Cheshire and Derbyshire.


Our branch, like all local RSPCA branches, is a separate charity which though under the umbrella of the national RSPCA headquarters, is not centrally funded. Neither the national society nor this branch receive monies from the Government. This means we exist through donations from the local community and must raise funds through regular events within the branch’s boundaries. These pages include details of all animals temporarily in our care and for which we seek new permanent or foster homes. Please look and see if you can help us to help these unfortunate animals.
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It’s with great sadness that the committee has had to suspend the intake of all animals till the end of the year. However, we can take in animals from Greater Manchester Animal Hospital only if they can be placed in our foster homes, as all the animals that come in via Inspectors go there for assessments, neutering, micro-chipping and vaccinating which saves branches a lot of money. We don’t have many foster homes and we rely heavily on fosterers and on donated food to share amongst them. This is the first time in over 9 years we’ve been in this situation, it’s breaking the hearts of us all. All money raised (fundraising team works so hard!!) goes to animals in private boarding (which costs us over £5000 per month) and of course vet bills which are high due to the nature of what we deal with. WE REALLY DO NEED THE PUBLIC’S SUPPORT. We cannot function without money so please, please help us! Either text as above or please see the donate page. THANKYOU XXX

Our animals in need of homes