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Welcome To Your Local R.S.P.C.A Branch Website

This website helps you understand the work of the RSPCA Macclesfield,South East Cheshire, and Buxton Branch, Caring for the welfare of, rescuing and rehoming animals in parts of Cheshire and Derbyshire.

Our branch, like all local RSPCA branches is a separate charity which though under the umbrella of the national RSPCA headquarters,is not centrally funded.Neither the national society nor this branch receive monies from the Government. This means we exist through donations from the local community and must raise funds through regular events within the branch's boundaries. These pages include details of all animals temporarily in our care and for which we seek new permanent or foster homes. Please look and see if you can help us to help these unfortunate animals. If you are interested in joining the RSPCA click the link to the left .. helping us.

Joining the RSPCA makes you part of this important animal charity at both national and local branch levels.

The branch does not have it's own animal centre, we rely on fosterers and private boarding so space is limited. Our priority are the animals that come in via the Inspectors; abuse, cruelty, neglect and abandonment cases. However, when we have space we do take in dogs, cats, rabbits, small furries and some caged animals/birds direct from members of the public if they need to rehome their pets. Before contacting us please go to the rehoming page for important advice (it highlights the dangers if you rehome your pet privately) and contacts of other rescues in our area who may be able to assist you in the meantime.


Help needed! We're desparately looking for homes for some geese - please Email us for more information.


VACANCY - We presently have one vacancy for a Branch Manager to work from our animal centre in Slutchers Lane, Warrington. We are looking for someone with a management qualification and/or Animal care qualification equivalent to NVQ level 4 and knowledge of RSPCA standards and procedures. We have two shops, the animal centre and a clinic. Previous similar experience very much preferred . Must be passionate about animal welfare, willing to bring together staff and volunteers as a team, to lead the branch in its fundraising activities and to provide overnight cover when required. Salary 25,000 to 30,000 depending upon experience. To apply, please forward your CV to cathy.mitchell@rspca-whs.org.uk. Closing date is 13th December.


Why not join the RSPCA sponsored dog walk at Macclesfield forest, 17th August? More information here.




Stop the Badger Cull! More information and a link to the petition here.



Ferret Fosterers Needed!

For further information please contact the branch, leaving your name and number, on 01625 669620 or you can email smallanimals@rspca-macclesfield.org.uk and Becki will get in touch.


Fostering horses and ponies - Giving rescue horses a stable future .


An important message using footage of dogs we've rehomed
made by Dan who fostered Buster-the star of the show!



If you are unfortunate enough to be in a position where you have to sell or give your dog away please consider the risks.

Ensure that any dog you sell or re-home is subject to either a home check or the potential new owners are quizzed on their knowledge and experience in dog care. Also that the new owners are aware of the cost and responsibility and know the needs of the breed and/or individual dog's needs.

Some people take on free or very cheap family dogs and using them in the brutal illegal sport, dog fighting. Dogs that will not fight are tied up and used as 'bait dogs' to be the punch bag for fighting dogs in training. Please be aware and make sure you sell your beloved dog for a price only an animal lover would spend on it, DO NOT advertise Free to good home on the internet or shop windowns.

Take it to a rescue shelter where they will do home checks before handing over an animal. Anybody enquiring about your dog in any situation should be quizzed and anybody suspicious should be reported to the police. Sadly, small breeds of dogs and cats are also used in dog fighting as "bait" for the fighting dogs that are being trained.

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We'd like to dedicate this song to all the
animals past, present
and future that come into rescue, also for those out there who still suffer and are unwanted, the words say it all. We live in hope that they will find love
and happiness somehow.

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