Alan – Fancy Rat

** REHOMED ** Alan
Fancy Rat
Arrived 13th November
Fostered in MCR.


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Alan (along with Steve and Billy also looking for new homes) was dumped loose (open cardboard box) along with 60-70 other rats back in July, they were in terrible condition, Alan was covered in rat bites and wounds, all three had/have hair loss due to mal nourishment and neglect. Quite frankly they were broken in body and spirit, for those who know and love Fancy rats this is simply heart breaking. BUT after medical attention and TLC in foster homes they are in much better condition and are much happier in themselves!

Alan is of adult age, very big, he is a quiet and gentle boy, he was the worst off with his body being covered in bites so it would be unfair to put with another rat as we think it would just distress him, all he’s ever known is being bullied and fighting for space, food and no doubt mating. He is still to this day very wary and hand shy, he does not want to be picked up, he would rather not be stroked, he just loves to explore outside of his cage and is happy with just your presence, he’ll come to you for food then run off to devour it! He was adopted a couple of weeks back after months of looking for a new home but was returned-information will be provided. He needs an experienced, patient and committed rat owner, no other rats and a nice quiet room all to himself. He does have his own cage/accessories which can be purchased from us. More information on Alan and the process will be provided upon application.


RSPCA log no. 3253 19/7/16

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.