Billy – Rat

Arrived 22nd July
Billy is being fostered in Buxton.

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Update for Billy November 2016: He loves having a gallop around and climbing all over us. He’s much more confident in himself. He’s doing really well. The baby food idea is working well. I have him licking it off my finger. He gets very excited now when he smells the food. I guess he’s learning that human hands aren’t scary. He’s really coming on well. He’s growing in confidence every day. With time i think he’ll make someone a really lovely little pet.



Looking for individual homes. These wonderful boy ratties were dumped loose (open cardboard box) along with 60-70 other rats, they were in terrible condition, Allan and Steve were covered in rat bites and wounds, all three (Alan, Steve and Billy) /have hair loss due to mal nourishment and neglect. Quite frankly they were broken in body and spirit, for those who know and love Fancy rats this is simply heart breaking. BUT after medical attention and TLC they are in much better condition and are much happier in themselves!

Billy, an adolescent (small), can be a scared little boy, he’s just not used to a kind hand-he’s being hand fed treats and safe human food so he associates the hand with great things! He LOVES his plastic hammock-it’s his safety haven-he still needs to find that confidence to come out of his cage, one day he’ll find a whole new amazing word outside of his little home!

They need child free homes and ideally no other pets unless they are not the kind to pay attention to the rats. Please do not buy a cage before you’ve spoken to us, they must have large metal cages as opposed to wire cages and glass tanks. Ideally we’re looking for people who have owned rats before. Please click here for Rat Welfare.

We can only imagine the horrendous life they’ve had up until now…now they are living like Kings! They are extra special and deserve the best of rattie havens!

He will require a sizeable cage and not of mesh design. Minimum size accommodation is H70 x D48 x W78cm, however, the bigger the better so he can climb and explore.  The flooring/shelving that they walk on must be solid (i.e. not mesh) and there must be plenty of  enrichment in the cage, e.g. hammocks, climbing ropes/ladders, houses/huts and opportunities to forage for food, also plenty of time in the evenings out of his cage to interect.  If you would like to adopt any of these rats we will provide further information to you on how the adoption process works.

RSPCA log no. 3253 19/7/16

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.