Angel – Cross Breed


6 months old
Cross breed
Arrived 18th March
Private boarding Macclesfield

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Angel’s owner turned up at the kennels with her asking for us to take her in as he was facing eviction otherwise, luckily a dog was being adopted right at that moment which meant we could take her in-how could we turn her away? He had already rehomed her privately and followed up with a visit but found she was being mistreated so took her back.-this is a real risk with private rehomings. Angel will be vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped in due course.

Angel is simply that…an Angel! She is really small for 6 months too and she is a typical puppy in that she doesn’t stay still for long! She’s a gorgeous little girl and would love nothing more than to play, go for long walks and meet lots of new canine friends! She’ll need someone who is around for most of the time due to her age and energy levels and can be rehomed to most types of households.

All existing pets ideally should be neutered and vaccinated. A puppy really is for life and very demanding; you cannot work full time and raise a puppy. They teeth for many months which mean they need to chew and need copious amounts of exercise; attention and kind reward based training. You must be 100% certain a puppy is right for you as they can be hard work! We strongly advise anyone getting a puppy to attend puppy classes through your vet/local dog club which are inexpensive; this will help socialise and train not only the puppy but the owner too! Adoption fee is £150 and we cover the cost of vaccinations, micro-chipping and neutering.

Log No. PD174 18/04/15
If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.