Arnold – Rottweiler


1yr 3 months
Arrived 5th February
Private boarding kennels, Cheshire


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*UPDATE 23/2/16*
Since Arnold’s arrival he has had several trips out to Teggs Nose Country Park and he is amazing! He meets many dogs and he was so sociable with everyone-even those who are in a manic mode of play he just wants to join in! He walks really well on the Cannycollar although his previous owner used a harness which would suit him too, he just loves his time out with us. He really is wonderful and such a joy to take out. Arnold also LOVES chasing balls and toys and throwing them up in the air!

Arnold, or Arnie, is of a pretty similar stature to the very famous Arnold Schwarzenegger; he is a very handsome devil and a very well built lad indeed! A fine specimen of the breed and to have a naturally long curly tail is just wonderful. Sadly Arnold has come into our care as his owner was evicted and couldn’t keep him. He has been neutered and started vaccinations, he is already micro chipped. Arnie has not lived with children but has been around visiting teenagers. He is still very puppy like in his ways: bold, boisterous, bouncy, giddy, jumpy uppy and a touch mouthy, it’s all in good fun of course, he’s just a bit too big for some! He is friendly towards other dogs and a cat/small animal free home is ideal. He’s a playful boy who will need lots of exercise and a garden big enough to run around in. So all the great things about Arnie aside…he is very strong on the lead, he’s been used to wearing a harness in his previous home, so positive re-enforcement training on the lead/harness will be just the thing for Arnie. He will not suit kennel life so we hope he finds his furever home soon!


RSPCA  log 372 31/1/16

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