Astra – SBT Cross

SBT cross
6 months
Arrived 30th October
Fostered in Scholar Green

Astra and two other dogs arrived early July at one of the case centre’s, they were removed from the owner who was caught and filmed beating one of the other dogs. Astra has now been signed over for rehoming and transferred to our branch in order to find a loving home. She is a bouncy girl and full of puppy love! She has a wonderful nature and well socialised with other dogs, this socialisation needs to continue, she is being fostered with the two Jack Russells, she just wants to run and play all the time. She has been chipped, spayed and vaccinated.

All existing pets ideally should be neutered and vaccinated. A puppy really is for life.. They teeth for many months which mean they need to chew and need copious amounts of exercise; attention and kind reward based training. You must be 100% certain a puppy is right for you as they can be quite demanding!

RSPCA  log 1911/17/8/17

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