Bandit – Cat

10 years old
Arrived 9/12/15
Fostered in Macclesfield
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Update 22/2/16: If you’re looking for a loyal and loving cat, Bandit is perfect. She has really settled in now and her cheeky side has come out. She loves to play and though she relaxes through the day, she’ll have a mad half an hour in the evening! She’s still a big softy and greets you very enthusiastically when you come home. She’s very clean and grooms a lot so her fur is lovely and shiny. She also uses the litter tray perfectly although now we think she’s quite keen to go outside and explore.


Update 31/01/16: Bandit is a very sweet girl,  she’s very affectionate with a VERY loud purr! She just loves any amount of fuss and is very friendly with new people. She does like a little play but mainly it’s all about the cuddles. You can’t help but fall for her!


This lovely lady is just waiting for a lap to sit on!! What a sweetie she is, she does lots and lots of purring! Bandit was taken in by the cattery owner due to the owners getting a dog that simply wanted to kill her. As a result Bandit chose to spend most of her time with an elderly neighbour who has since passed away, she wanted to come back home but the dog kept trying to attack her so she had to live in a shed. She’s been at the cattery for some time now so we’ve taken responsibility of her in order to find her a new loving home. She is neutered, she has been vaccinated and micro chipped and is in good health, she was treated for weepy eyes but this has since cleared up. We feel a pet free home would be best for her considering what she’s been through!

RSPCA Log PC155 9/12/15

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.