Beano – Saluki Cross


Saluki Cross
Approx 5 years
Arrived 18th April
Kennels Macclesfield


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Meet Beano and those big beautiful brown eyes of his, he is absolutely adorable! Beano is really good with other dogs, dogs are fine with him as long as they can handle his full on approach-he is a bit silly and thinks all dogs want to play when he’s off lead! He needs a cat/small animal free home. Beano was adopted 2 years ago but sadly has come back due to an issue between him and the other dog, despite the dogs being close they haven’t been getting on recently, the owners both work full time so can’t supervise/manage any issues. Beano originally came in via Inspectors, he and 2 other Lurchers were rescued from poor conditions at a travellers site. Beano is microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. Can you offer a space on your sofa for this lazy layabout? And do you have a nice big garden and/or secure fields where he can run those long legs off when the need takes him? Here are a few words from his previous adopters to help you decide:

Beano is a very kind and lovable boy. He’s intelligent and never happier than when running around a big grassy garden where he can have his “mad 5 minutes” which is a sight to behold. He’s excitable and loving although has been known to be a little nervous around men; but once you’ve gained his trust you’ll have it for life. He spends most of his day lounging around on a comfy bed/sofa watching the world go by – he’s also been known to watch TV if you can find something that tickles his fancy.


RSPCA  log 610 19/1/14

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.