Biki – Border Collie

Border Collie (short haired)
1yr 9 months DOB 27/12/14
Arrived 9th October 2016
Private boarding Kennels Macclesfield.
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So Biki is a Border Collie but she’s the dinkiest one ever you wouldn’t believe she really was a BC! Sweet in nature is an understatement, she has the most affectionate side to her, however Biki is also bananas! BUT this makes Biki unique…she will need a very active new owner who is willing to provide her with lots of stimulation, she LOVES footballs with a passion! As she’s always been used to the garden she tends to toilet there rather than on walks or so we are led to believe, so that’s quite handy really! She is high energy and pulls so we use a harness which works really well-she thinks she’s a husky really!

She is very obedient, knows all the basic commands and simply wants to please! She does have a really soft side, at night she loves to cuddle up on the sofa and sleep in her bed soundly-she would not suit being confined. She will need an experienced rescue dog owner ideally with BC’s.

We think she’d benefit from slow socialising training with other dogs once settled in (her previous owner kept her away from dogs as he was worried she’d have puppies) positive re-enforcement training only-we can advise. She does seem to be highly stimulated by sounds including the TV and does react, she also tries to chase cars. She would suit a quiet, rural home, definitely not a built up area or having to walk on roads. She’s a country girl without a doubt! Biki has had her booster with us and a health check, she is already micro chipped and we’ve had her spayed.

Now about her history: She originally came into our care in September. Sadly her elderly owner went into care. We believe she’s led a sheltered life and spent much of her time in the garden. She has only recently mastered stairs as she lived in a bungalow previously. She was rehomed but came back as her and the cat weren’t getting on, she has been brought up with cats but would like a pet free home as a result of the failed adoption. Due to her unusual quirks they just felt they lacked the experience and time to give Biki what she needs. We can’t be more honest than that…we know the right person/s is out there, so please do come forward! We LOVE her for the crazy loving girl that she is and we know you will too!

RSPCA  log PD182 9/9/16

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.