Bill – Rat

11 months old
Arrived 25th June
Fostered in Congleton
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Update 2nd October: Back in August we sadly lost Bill’s brother Ted. We did try to bond him with a pair of rats which we knew would go either way but it was the only option available to us at the time, sadly it didn’t work out. The new pair of rats have found a home though and Bill needs a home with another lonely male rat to bond with. Rats should not live on their own, they must have company of another rat so we hope we get an offer of a home for Bill soon with a new friend!


We were contacted by a distraught couple needing to rehome Bill & Ted as the lady sadly suffers quite badly with Bi-Polar and was finding she could not cope with looking after them any more so contacted us for help. A few words from their fosterer “Bill and Ted are the best of friends and can be frequently found curled up together taking a snooze in their hammock! They are both very inquisitive rats and come up to their cage bars to take a peek at what I’m doing (or hoping for some tasty treats)! Bill is the friendlier of the two and likes to be stroked; Ted is slightly more unsure of people but will learn to trust a patient and confident owner. Both rats love time out of their cage to climb and explore their surroundings, this is when they are at their happiest and are a joy to watch. Bill and Ted deserve a fresh start in a loving new home, they are sure to bring lots of enjoyment to their new family.”  Bill & Ted will not be suitable for children but will be very happy in the hands of someone who is used to handling rats.  They have been health checked by a vet, typically they have slightly laboured breathing, for those who know rats know this is quite common. Their cage can be purchased from us for £35 which is half of what a large national pet store are charging in the sale for the same cage. It is important you read what a rat needs to live a healthy and happy life here:  

RSPCA log no. PR3 25/6/15

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.