Blue – Cat

Arrived 25th Sept
6 years approx
Fostered in Macclesfield
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Update 09/05/16: Blue has been with us now since October 2015 and he has settled in really well, he is extremely affectionate and loves to sit on your knee and lay next to you on your bed, also Blue enjoys a belly rub and also a nice massage on his back, shoulders and head. He will wander around your legs purring loudly brushing up against you. He can be quite vocal now and has gained more in confidence. One of his favourite spots to sit is on the kitchen window sill especially when the sun is shining. His other spot is lay next to the radiator on his bed he certainly loves to be warm and toasty. Blue enjoys going outside in the yard on his harness for a stroll around and good sniff. He is a lot more confident around my son now and accepts lots of fusses off him and being picked up. Things are improving when my partner visits he will accept a tickle off him and enjoys being taken outside on his harness by him. I think it is a case of time and patience with Blue, for him to be allowed to go at his own pace is crucial. All Blue needs now is a loving forever home free from children so that he can settle in his own time with his new owner(s) , if you are willing to provide Blue with a loving home, have a nice garden for him to explore and have time and patience to spend on him please get in touch and come and have a peek at him. He is such a gentle and handsome boy it is a tragedy he has been overlooked thus far.


“DESPERATELY SEEKING NICE LADY TO ADOPT ME; I have been with my foster mum since 27/9/15 and although I was very scared when I first got to her house she was very gentle and patient with me and coaxed me out of my shell.  I like to spend time with her and get back, also when she rubs my belly.  I purr loudly when I am content.  I will tolerate a little tickle off her teenage son but I do not like her partner when he comes to visit as I am scared of men. I love my food especially the wet type but my foster mum tells me I cannot eat too much of it as I am putting weight on!  I have had to have some teeth removed because I had not been eating quality food before I came to my foster home. I will play a little with various toys my favourite is a green mouse, I also like to have a good scratch on the cat post especially when my foster mum sprays it with catnip.  My favourite place to sleep is on my bed in front of the radiator which is nice and toasty. I also like to go on my blanket behind the sofa when I want to get away for a while.  All I really want now is to get a forever home with a nice lady owner who will give me lots of tlc and has a safe garden for me to explore when I pluck up the courage


Foster update 8th October:We have had Blue for 2 weeks now and although he still remains timid/nervy he has settled in well. From my experience of working with nervy RSPCA cats for over 8 years it is obvious to me that Blue has had something pretty traumatic happen to him. I feel all he needs is time to gain his trust and to build up his confidence, he will thrive from lots of TLC and patience. He is showing great signs of wanting to be fussed and loved, however sudden movements or very loud noises will send him dashing behind my sofa.

As you can see from his photos he does enjoy joining me on the sofa in an evening and loves a tickle and a belly rub. I am currently introducing himto grooming as this is a great way to bond with him and to keep his lovely fur nice and soft and glossy. Blue likes to talk to you especially in a morning whilst you are preparing his breakfast, however he does have a quiet meow for a boy cat! He loves his food especially the wet variety which he will gulp down in one sitting, but enjoys to come and go to graze on his dry food and his water. He is a very clean boy using his litter tray brilliantly since he first came to my house. So far he is not showing signs of being interested in the various cat toys that are around my house but this could change as he grows in confidence. Blue is a lovely handsome boy and just deserves a chance at a forever home, ideally pet and child free with an owner(s) who will give him all the TLC and patience he needs and have a safe garden for him to explore once he has settled in his new home. If you think you could give this special boy that second chance please come and see him for yourselves and I challenge you not to fall in love with him as he is just so adorable.


Blue came in due to welfare concerns, he’d been in the area for a couple of months and was happy go lucky until recently he became very traumatised so a local lady took him in and contacted us. He is micro chipped but not registered to anyone, we traced the implanter which was Greater Manchester Animal Hospital back in 2009, records show he came in via an Inspector but not as a stray which suggests he was owned. Posters were put up to no avail.

Blue is a friendly cat but very scared, he used to be a confident happy boy until he experienced something to make him lose his trust in people-he would cower and hide under bushes all of a sudden. He spent seven days in the cattery paid for by his finder in case an owner came forward, he is now in a foster home where we hope he’ll feel better and regain that lost confidence. As we don’t know his history we feel a pet free and small child free home would be best at this moment in time.

RSPCA Log PC153 25/09/15

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.