Bob – Happy Ending

15/3/15: Oh Bob it’s only been 24 hours and you’ve clearly made yourself at home, how wonderful! So Bob was only adopted yesterday by a lovely couple in Stoke en Trent. Here’s to your new life Bob!

A word from his new owner;

He is a super cat and it is a pleasure to have him live with us. I let him out, for the first time on Tuesday afternoon. He chased every bird and bumble bee that came into the garden. He went into the garden on our LHS and chased a pedigree cat who only goes in the garden occasionally. This cat is only at the house until the daughter and husband move back to there house in s couple of weeks. He went in the garden behind where Barny the black Labrador lives. He was inside. A squirrel that comes every night for his tea,went hungry as Bob chased him off along the fence. Not long after he was sat on the fence with the only cat that lives near by. I had put up a temporary barrier between the conservatory and the garage so that Bob could not get to the front of the house. The next minute Bob was really close to this cat( who must be at least 12) and then he raised his paw and the cat flew off the fence through the temporary barrier with Bob in hot pursuit. They did not fight and Bob returned a few minutes later. I let him out again yesterday morning and he just went roaming around the back gardens. He stays away about 20 minutes and then comes home. He was exhausted and slept from 430pm until 530am today. Today he had done more or less the same may be staying in the garden more.


Bob Before

he-bob-150315bob-180415 (1) bob-180415 (4) bob-180415 (3) bob-180415 (2) bob-180415 (5)

Bob now!

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