Brian – Lion Head Rabbit

Lion Head
8 months
Private boarding in Rode Heath
Arrived 11th April

brian-200417 (1) brian-200417 (2)

Brian was signed over to an Inspector in order to reduce numbers as the owner was struggling to cope. He is fairly friendly but not in-your-face confident, a quiet soul really, he is probably missing company of this own so hopefully a new neutered lady friend will help give him a confidence boost! We also offer a bonding service. He has been vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

Housing requirement is a ‘minimum’ sized 6x2x2ft hutch with a minimum ‘attached’ 8x4ft run plus freedom to a secure garden/alternative area for stimulation. Please watch this video on why we ask for minimum sized hutch/run:



RSPCA log no. 200 31/3/17

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.