Bruno – Happy Ending

Bruno came in via Inspectors as part of a terrible case of cruelty and neglect, along with other animals all emaciated including a couple close to death, also a dog with an untreated broken leg. He was only 11kg upon arrival but in just 2 days put on 2.5kg through being fed, the most basic requirement of an animal’s needs.


bruno-210215 (2)

Bruno waiting for his new home


Farewell ickle Bruno, have a lovely new life with your new family. This is Francis and his daughter Katya, Mum Lynn and brother James are no doubt eagerly awaiting Bruno’s arrival at home! A really lovely family who had their eyes opened about Staffies when they came to the RSPCA, a beautiful breed of dog misunderstood by some sadly. Bruno is such a good boy and will bring so much joy to his new family.




Bruno with his new family!


Log No. 1346/23/10/14