Buddy – Happy Ending


2/12/14: Buddy is a star, I love him so much and he is a real pleasure ….we have seen no bad behaviour, no aggression, no ill intent …just an intelligent, misunderstood, happy little chappy!
He knows exactly, how many beans make five! …and he can cock a deaf’un, from time to time!! …to his own end but, i wouldn’t change him for the world and i just want to say to you “Thank you” for allowing him to rescue me!!

Oh Buddy we miss you! Some of you will remember this beautiful boy. Buddy’s story was that he was beaten up by a large gang of people. He had a beautiful temperament but had a bad habit of biting your arm (not through aggression) and we hired a great behaviourist and following her programme really made a difference for him. We even had to move him to another kennels because no-one could manage walking him due to his issue, we moved him to Windyway. He enjoyed lots of long walks across the fields in the new kennels and Teggs Nose Country Park by our own volunteers. He was completely misunderstood…rehomed and returned a couple of times. But we never gave up on him because we knew what he needed in order to blossom. Finally a lovely couple from Birmingham got in touch…to this day I don’t think they believe he had that naughty side as he has from day one with them been as good as gold. Goes to show…with the right owner, right home, a dog can thrive. So the smaller of the two is Buddy, his big brother was adopted a couple of years previous also from the RSPCA. Here are some words from his Dad: I hope that this email finds you well???? It’s been a while and I just wanted to send you an up to date pic, of a very very special boy! I love Buddy so very much and I can see why you thought so much of him!….he’s still very cheeky and a bit boisterous with Bugsy and can be a bit forceful in “getting nowhere, first!” ….but, they get on beautifully and play like puppies, every day. Thank you for having faith in me/us ….a great end to sad start, Julian

RSPCA Log Number: 1880 21/11/13