Caleb – Shar Pei cross

3 years 8 months
Shar Pei cross
Arrived 14th September
Private boarding kennels Cheshire


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Who wants the most gorgeous dog in the whole wide world? Well, aside from all the others in our care that is! However, there’s something really very special about this boy. Gentle, loving, cuddly and loyal Caleb is something else considering how he has gone from a very traumatised, broken, very nervous and worried boy to literally doing a 360 degree turn into a dog that is now so trusting and full of confidence and love. With the right approach we have helped Caleb learn to relax and enjoy life and people, he chose to believe in us and shake off the weight of the world he was carrying on his shoulders, because Caleb has come from a very turbulent, violent and damaging home. So it’s no wonder he was the way he was. He can be a little jumpy still but we’re sure in time this will ease off too, a new owner will need to take things slowly with him for obvious reasons. He is good with other dogs and he has lived with one before too. Caleb unfortunately has Entropian in both lower eyelids so we will be operating as soon as he is at his ideal weight as he is still underweight by a couple of kilos. He loves his walks so much and never wants to go back in his kennel. He will bond very strongly with his new owner so will need someone who is around a lot and he can be rehomed with another friendly dog. Once bonded with you he loves to stand on his back legs and put his paws on your chest while you give him a good neck rub, he’ll stay there for as long as you let him and look lovingly and dreamily into your eyes-now that’s special. Whoever is successful in applying to adopt Caleb will be very lucky indeed.


RSPCA  log  2225 2/9/16

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.