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Our animals who’ve found their forever homes

Elise – American Bull Dog X Staffordshire Bull Terrier

** REHOMED ** American Bull Dog X Staffordshire Bull Terrier 4 1/2 years old Female Arrived 23rd April Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre Elsie is lovely girl, a really friendly dog who will make an excellent companion! We have placed her with dogs, however, she can be quite full on and […]

Lexi – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Lexi Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier 4 1/2 years Arrived 5th April Chesterfield Animal Centre Lexi is a really lovely ‘proper’ Staffy; absolutely stunning, she’ll definitely catch the eye of all Bully Lovers out there! She’s a very friendly, loving dog and likes to get up on your knee if she […]

Saphire – German Shepherd

German Shepherd Female Approx 1 year old Arrived 14th March Chesterfield Animal Centre In Sapphire’s young life she was kept by a man who was already banned from keeping animals, he then “lent” her to someone else and then she was passed around, we dread to imagine the kind of […]

Kimble – Manchester Terrier Cross

Kimble Male 2yrs Manchester Terrier Cross Arrived 28th March Chesterfield Animal Centre Kimble has been with Warrington RSPCA case centre since Feb 2017, badger baiting case, owners have now been prosecuted so he is now the responsibility of our branch but under the care of Chesterfield RSPCA for rehoming. Previously […]

Duncan – Border Terrier cross

Duncan Male 2yrs Arrived 28th March Chesterfield Animal Centre Duncan has been with Warrington RSPCA case centre since Feb 2017, badger baiting case, owners have now been prosecuted so he is now the responsibility of our branch but under the care of Chesterfield RSPCA for rehoming. He does have some […]

Chloe – Small Cross breed

Chloe Female 3 years old Small Cross breed Arrived 19th March Private boarding kennels Cheshire   Chloe was found on an allotment with other dogs and rabbits after a complaint was made about a collapsed horse which had to be euthanised.She has spent three months at a ‘case’ centre while […]

Tinkerbell – Whippet Cross/small Lurcher

** REHOMED ** Female Whippet Cross/small Lurcher 1 year approx Arrived on Valentines Day Private kennels Cheshire Our very own Valentine girl; it’s love and a forever home she seeks! After having been tied up and abandoned in a park she spent a few weeks at a case centre while […]

Charlie – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

** REHOMED ** Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier 2 years 4 months Arrived 9th January Chesterfield Animal Centre Update 14th Feb: He’s friendly and affectionate but just very giddy and excitable, in some ways like an overgrown puppy. Because of his boisterous nature, we’ve placed him with older children (10+). He […]

Banjo – Staffy cross

** REHOMED ** Staffy cross 4 years old Male Arrived 12th Jan Chesterfield Animal Centre Banjo is a very nice dog indeed! We have placed Banjo with children 5 years plus. He can be re-homed with other dogs, subject to mixing. He would need further observations if going with cats. […]

Cinnamon – Cat

Cinnamon Female Domestic Short Hair 8 months approx Arrived 29th November 2017 Fostered in Macclesfield Cinnamon is as sweet as her name. Sadly left abandoned at the tender young age of 6 months old with 5 very young kittens (one of which didn’t make it), she hasn’t had the best […]

Topsy – Guinea Pig

** REHOMED ** Guinea Pig Female 2 years old Arrived 15th January Fostered in Congleton Topsy has been very well cared for but sadly she lost her mate and her owners can’t have any more so asked if we could take Topsy in, we all know piggies must not live […]

Coco – Cat

** REHOMED ** Female Semi Long Hair 2 years old approx Arrived 8th December 2017 Private boarding in Rode Heath Poor Coco was found wandering the streets just before Christmas with a bite wound to her leg. She was taken in to the RSPCA care and treated for her injury. […]

Mickey – Corgi cross

** REHOMED ** 6 yrs aprox Male Corgi cross Arrived 30th December Private boarding kennels Macclesfield Mickey along with his 17 year old mother were being kept in the garden 24/7 with rubbish and faeces everywhere, there were a number of small furies as well they were also signed over […]

Rocco – Cross breed puppy

** REHOMED ** 8-9 weeks old as of 29/12/17 Cross breed Male Arrived 19th December Fostered in Scholar Green, Cheshire Rocco came into RSPCA care with his mother: complaints were made about a homeless man with underweight dogs, so the RSPCA looked into the matter and the owner signed the […]


Names: See below Agnes, Rosie ** REHOMED ** and Dora ** REHOMED ** Sam and Freddie¬†** REHOMED ** John, George and Ringo. Sex: various Various up to a year old Arrived 20th November Fostered in Macclesfield 13 mice were left abandoned in a property, the shower was left on for […]

Peter – Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Brown cross 3 years 11 months old Male Arrived 2nd December Private boarding, Rode Heath Peter (from the same home as Max) came into our care because the owner landed up in hospital after becoming very poorly. The family contacted us for assistance on rehoming one of […]

Hannah – Pomeranian

** REHOMED ** Pomeranian 2 years old Female Arrived 30th November Private boarding kennels Cheshire Hannah came in via the Inspectors as part of a cruelty case back in September, she’s been with a case centre in Warrington all this time but is now ready for rehoming so has come […]

Smudge – Rabbit

Smudge 4 1/2 years old Male Breed: Dutch cross, all white with one grey ear Arrived 25th November Fostered in Macclesfield Update March: Smudge can be rehomed as an indoor rabbit as over the winter he has spent much of his time indoors. He can also be rehomed as an […]

Mickey, Maud, Maisie and Millie – Cats

Mickey Male British Short Hair (silver tabby) 12 years old approx Maud Female Selkirk Rex (blue and white shorthair) 6 years old approx Maisie Female Selkirk Rex (blue and white log haired) 6 years old approx Millie Female Domestic Short Hair (tortie) 18 years old Arrived 9th November 2017 Private […]

Missy – Cat

** REHOMED ** Female Domestic Short Hair 7 months old approx Arrived 24th October 017 Private boarding in Rode Heath Missy was brought into the RSPCA care via the inspectorate as a stray. She’s a very confident young girl, that loves your affection and makes chirping noises to ensure you’re […]