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Our animals who’ve found their forever homes

Pixie – Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Pixie Abyssinian Female 3 years approx Arrived 28th August Fostered in Congleton Pixie has come into our care as she lost her sibling Nov 2017 and her owner decided she didn’t want to continue owning Piggies so she has come to us to find a new home with another female […]

Gazza – Cat

Gazza Male neutered 18 months old (est) Arrived mid-July Fostered in Pott Shrigley Ref : TNR180048/150718 Gazza (also known by his full title as ‘Gary of Gawsworth’) was taken in to our care for his own safety after he had been spotted wandering around his country estate for three months […]

Spice – American Guinea Pig

Female 3 years old Arrived 3rd August Fostered in Congleton Update 10th September: Sadly Cinnamon was put to sleep at the vets today after becoming very ill and the vet advised it was best to let her go after receiving treatment. So Spice is now looking for a home with […]

Jack – Terrier

Jack Male Terrier Approx 9 years old Arrived 18th July 2018 Chesterfield RSPCA centre Jack is a very sweet, friendly, nice natured dog. Cute as a button! Jack has spent over 4 years in kennels at a case centre while the case against the owner took place. That’s half his […]

Eddie – Cat

Eddie Male Domestic Short Hair 5 years old approx Arrived 5th July 2018 Private boarding in Rode Heath Eddie was brought into the care of national RSPCA as an injured stray. He was quite nervous but after having xrays and health checked he didn’t have any issues. He’s a lovely […]

Tammy & Sammy – Savannah Cats

Tammy & Sammy Female Savannah 12 months and 3 years old approx Arrived 16th April 2018 Fostered in Congleton Tammy and Sammy were brought into our care after their owner could no longer cope with their care and therefore signed them over the RSPCA to be rehomed. Tammy and Sammy […]

Waffles and Churro – Kittens

Waffles and Churro Male Domestic Short Hair 8-10 weeks old approx Arrived 18th July 2018 Fostered in Congleton These two handsome chaps were brought into the RSPCA care after being found dumped in a plastic bag in Liverpool. The poor babies have just been disregarded like trash and they have […]

Kizzy – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kizzy Female 7 years old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Arrived 14th May Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre Kizzy has had a rought time of it lately. She came in via Inspectors after a complaint was made about her poor condition. What we know is that she was going to be sent to […]

Dollar – Staffy cross

Dollar Staffy cross Male 12 years Arrived 29th June Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre Dollar’s owner unfortunately had to be admitted to hospital long term so the RSPCA were asked to assist with Dollar. Dollar is a lovely dog who really enjoys having lots of fuss and attention. He sits very […]

Mango – Cat

Mango Male Domestic Short Hair 12 months old approx Arrived 11th April 2018 Private boarding in Rode Heath Mango came into our care via an owner surrender. The previous owner was struggling and he needed rehoming. He’s a very playful and an energetic young boy who will definitely need lots […]

Thorn – Alaskan Malamute

Thorn Alaskan Malamute Male 3 years and 4 months Arrived 18th May Chesterfield Animal Centre Thorn is a handsome boy who adores the company of people. He is very sociable and loves nothing more than getting lots fuss and lots of attention. Thorn is looking for a very specific home […]

Rocho – Mastiff Cross

Rocho Male Mastiff Cross 4 years 3 months Arrived 7th June Chesterfield Animal Centre Rocho was an abandonment case along with another dog. He arrived at a case centre in January while investigations took place. Now the case is over Rocho has been transferred into our care for rehoming. Rocho […]

Harvey – Shar Pei

Harvey Shar Pei 2 years old Male Arrived 22nd May Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre It’s all happening Harvey, we are about to find you a fantastic new home! Harvey is such a handsome fella we are sure he’ll not be with us long. He came in via Inspectors as he […]

Princess – Cat

Princess Female Domestic Long Hair 6 years old approx Arrived 11th January 2018 Private boarding in Rode Heath Princess was brought into our care as Princess wasn’t too keen on sharing her home with young children so was very stressed out. She was understandably very nervous when she first came […]

Maple – Dutch Rabbit

Maple Dutch Rabbit Female 2 years old Arrived 17th May Private boarding in Rode Heath Maple was transferred from an RSPCA centre in order to be bonded with a soon to be bereaved male rabbit in our care but miraculously his female partner did an unexpected U-turn from being poorly […]

Dexter & Dougal – Peruvian Guinea Pigs

** REHOMED ** Dexter & Dougal Peruvian Guinea Pigs Approx 1 year old Male Arrived 9th May Fostered in Congleton   10th July update: Sadly Dexter was put to sleep after  being very poorly, despite the best veterinary and foster care he was not responding. So that leaves Dougal looking […]

Archie – Beagle cross

Archie Beagle cross Male 2 yeas old Arrived 26th April Chesterfield animal centre Archie is a lovely, friendly dog but he can easily become worried/spooked in unfamiliar situations e.g. going to the vets, being handled by unfamiliar people, loud noises, sudden movements etc. Once Archie is given time to settle […]

Elise – American Bull Dog X Staffordshire Bull Terrier

** REHOMED ** American Bull Dog X Staffordshire Bull Terrier 4 1/2 years old Female Arrived 23rd April Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre Elsie is lovely girl, a really friendly dog who will make an excellent companion! We have placed her with dogs, however, she can be quite full on and […]

Lola – Rottweiler

Lola Rottweiler Female 2 1/2 years Arrived 14th March Chesterfield Animal Centre Lovely Lola really does need a chance of a good loving home. The victim of beatings she understably can be a bit timid and nervous with new people but once she gets to know them she is very […]

Lexi – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Lexi Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier 4 1/2 years Arrived 5th April Chesterfield Animal Centre Lexi is a really lovely ‘proper’ Staffy; absolutely stunning, she’ll definitely catch the eye of all Bully Lovers out there! She’s a very friendly, loving dog and likes to get up on your knee if she […]