Happy Endings

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Our animals who’ve found their forever homes

Nico – Border Collie

Nico is an extremely loving and affectionate 2.5 year old Border Collie who is looking for a very specific type of home following the tragic death of her owner. Although Nico loves nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa with you and showing you how much she loves you […]

Ollie – Happy Ending

Ollie came into our care due to the fact that the alcoholic owner was arrested and the daughter contacted us for help, the pups were left with no food or water. Heres an update from his new owner: He is growing every single day! He is going to be quite […]

Happy Ending – Lilly and Tiger

An update from Lilly’s new owner Thought I’d send you a few pictures of the various cats that now own my home and keep me on as a slave. You should see Lotty asleep on the half made bed (looked comfy so she wasn’t waiting), Lilly asleep on a stack […]

Pumpkin – Cat

** REHOMED ** 1-2 years. Female DSH Arrived 17th October Fostered in Macclesfield Update 2nd Dec: Pumpkin is now in a foster home and has been neutered and micro chipped.   Pumpkin came in via the Inspectors with her her 2 kittens due to owner being evicted from the property.  […]

Doodles – Cat

** REHOMED ** Male 8 months-1 year DSH Arrived 18th Nov Private boarding Rode Heath Doodles came in via the Inspectors as stray, he had very hairy experience hanging out on an extremely busy main road, obviously in danger of heavy traffic among other hazards so he couldn’t be left. […]

Sooty – Cat

** REHOMED ** Male DSH Approx 6 months Arrived 18th Nov Private boarding Rode Heath This beautiful sleek shiny coated boy was found dumped in a plastic storage container in a car park. He has been neutered, micro-chipped and started vaccinations, he has also tested negative for FIV/FELV. Sooty is […]

Eric – Lurcher

** REHOMED ** Lurcher 3 years 10 months Male Arrived 18th November Private boarding kennels, Macclesfield. Eric was originally in our care at approx 5 months of age back in June 2011, he was saved from a council pound where he was facing destruction as do a lot of dogs. […]

Dolly – Cat

** REHOMED ** Female Black DSH 2 yrs old approx. Arrived 17th October Fostered in Macclesfield Foster update 31st May  I have had Dolly 6 weeks now and since she had her Dental Operation she has become a totally different cat, she loves her sleep in her bed in front of the radiator […]

Lolly – Cat

** REHOMED ** Approx 1yr old Female Tortie & White Arrived 17th October Private boarding in Rode Heath Lolly has come into our care due to the owner going blind, unfortunately she came in nameless. She has been microchipped, neutered and started vaccinations. Lolly is a lovely friendly little girl […]

Dotty – Cat

** REHOMED ** Female Tabby & White Approx. 1 year old Arrived 17th October Private boarding in Rode Heath Dotty was sadly yet another abandoned cat left to fend for herself outdoors. She has been micro-chipped, neutered and started vaccinations. Dotty is a lovely friendly cat with lots of big purrs on […]

Tilly – Cat

** REHOMED ** Female Grey Tabby DSH 9 months Arrived 10th October Fostered in Macclesfield Till came in via inspectors, on her notes she’s a stray but she was actually signed over by the owner because the son was unpredictable and too rough with Tilly, basically she was at risk of […]

Abby’s Kittens

** REHOMED ** 7 weeks old approx. Arrived 12th Sept Fostered in Congleton These beautiful babies were just 2-3 weeks of age when they were found dumped in a carrier with their mother Abby. They can be adopted at 8 weeks of age. They will start vaccinations shortly, when big […]

Abby – Cat

** REHOMED ** 1-2 yrs old Female DSH Arrived 12th Sept Fostered in Congleton Abby was dumped in a carrier with her 5 kittens, luckily they were found and the RSPCA contacted. She has been vaccinated and FIV/FELV tested. She will be micro chipped and neutered in due course. Now the kittens […]

Louie and Tiffany – Happy Ending

These beautiful little kittens’ mother was dumped in a carrier, she was heavily pregnant and gave birth in our care. Sadly 2 died as they were just too weak.  A word from their new owners; just wanted to let you know that Louie and Ariana are doing very well and now are […]

Toby – Happy Ending

Toby came to us as an injured stray with a badly ingrowing side claw and a cat bite. A word from his new owner;“Just wanted to say that Toby is doing really well and he seems very happy. He is very spoilt and I think he knows he is the boss! […]

Minnie and Mickey – Cats

** REHOMED ** Mickey: Ginger & White DSH approx. 2yrs old Male Minnie: Black & White DSH approx. 5-12 months old Female Arrived 1st October Fostered in Congleton Foster update 19th Oct: Minnie is the reason my housework doesn’t get done, I’m so busy playing with her, laughing at her […]

Jeffrey and James – Cats

** REHOMED ** Male 4 months old approx. Arrived 26th September Fostered in Buxton These lovely boys came in via an Inspector. It was reported they had been found in a shed but the finder refused to come out so it’s felt that they maybe they were simply owned but unwanted, […]

Dixie – Cat

** REHOMED ** Sex: Female DSH Age: Approx. 12 weeks old Arrived 2nd September Fostered in Wilmslow Dixie came in via an inspector as an injured stray, her ear was damaged so that it became floppy but it’s been treated and healed nicely. She has been neutered, micro-chipped and is fully […]

Josie – Happy Ending

A picture from Josie’s new family – This was Josie after the 1st hour with us. She’s already eaten so….so far so good xxxx  

Pudding and Pickle – Happy Ending

Puddin n pickle (Tom and Jerry) have settled in amazing. They are the most beautiful kittens and I’m glad they have stayed together. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for getting them to us for the weekend. Also I would like to say how well […]