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Our animals who’ve found their forever homes

Lucius and Lupus – Kittens

** REHOMED ** Male Domestic Short Hair 8 weeks old approx Arrived 10th June 2017 Fostered in Sandbach A concerned member of public contacted the local branch, alerting us to a stray cat and her kittens in a neighbours garden. Mum and kittens were trapped and it turned out that […]

Mercy – Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog

Mercy 17 months Female Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog Arrived 1st June Private boarding kennels Cheshire Mercy…she is absolutely gorgeous! It’s not often you come across an Alapaha Bulldog in this country; she is a Blue Merle and incredibly strong but such a gentle, submissive girl, however she does have a playful […]

Timba – American Bulldog cross

** REHOMED ** Male 2 years American Bulldog cross Arrived 9th June Private boarding kennels Cheshire   This gorgeous lad was abandoned but the owner was traced, he has been transferred from Liverpool RSPCA as he’d been there over 100 days with no interest so hopefully he’ll have better luck […]

Jellybean and Slushy – Cats

Jellybean and Slushy Male Domestic Long Hair 11 months old approx Arrived 27th April 2017 Fostered in Congleton Every now and then there are special cats with so much character it’s hard to quantify. Say hello to Slushy and Jellybean. So, what makes them so special? Signed over as part […]

Lottie – Cat

** REHOMED ** Female Domestic Short Hair 1 year old approx Arrived 20th April 2017 Private boarding in Rode Heath Lottie (and quite a few other cats) came into our care after the RSPCA and environmental health got involved with another rescue. They were unfortunately taking on more animals that […]

Joan – Harlequin Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Harlequin Female 4 years old Arrived 7th June Private boarding Rode Heath This pretty lady is a friendly bun who is looking for a neutered male to spend the rest of her life with. The owner contacted us some time ago, not able to look after 8 […]

Denzel – American Bull Dog Cross

** REHOMED ** 7-8 years Male American Bull Dog Cross Arrived 21st April Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre Denzel is a lovely friendly dog who enjoys lots of attention and human company. He loves his walks but can be strong on the lead so a harness would be recommended. We have […]

Nine Rat Kittens

Rat Kittens 6 Male and 3 female Domestic rats Born 27th April 4 weeks and 3 days old Fostered in Bollington (boys) Fostered in Hartford Northwich (girls) These adorable baby rats were born in our care by Polly who came in via an Inspector after she had to rescue 100 […]

Molly & Polly – Rats

** REHOMED ** Female Domestic rats 3-4 months Arrived 20th April Fostered in Macclesfield Molly & Polly came in with four other rats via an Inspector after she had to rescue 100 rats from just one house, they would just be let out of the cages to roam and of […]

Buster – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

** REHOMED ** Staffordshire Bull Terrier Male 7 years approx. Arrived 10th May Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre This poor boy was abandoned in a flat by his owner in dirty conditions. Despite this Buster is a lovely lad who enjoys going out for walks and playing with his toys. He […]

Kane – German Shepherd

Kane German Shepherd Male 5-6 years approx. Arrived 8th April Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre Kane is an exceptionally friendly dog, can be a little shy until he gets to know you, but once he feels settled and comfortable with people he is very loving and enjoys spending time with you. […]

Molly – Rottweiler

Molly Rottweiler 2yr 10 months Female Arrived 16th May Private boarding kennels, Macclesfield   We are truly smitten with this girl…she has such a sweet nature. Molly is quite a small girl and a real softy; she is really rather affectionate and playful. In the past she has lived with […]

Lulu – Westie cross

Lulu ** REHOMED** Female Westie cross 6 years 7 months Arrived 28th April Private boarding kennels Macclesfield Lulu has spent 1 year 2 months at one of our case centres while a case was built against the owner for cruelty. A large number of animals were living in disgusting conditions, […]

Foxy Hercules – Cross Breed

** RESERVED – We have been inundated with offers of homes for Foxy so we cannot accept any more enquiries thank you. ** Foxy Hercules 9 months old Male Cross breed Arrived 11th May Private boarding kennels Macclesfield Hercules, now Foxy Hercules, was taken in by and Inspector, after moving […]

Susie, Rosy, Lilly and Silvie – Rats

Susie Rosy Lilly Silvie (Lilly and Silvie now REHOMED) 2-3 months Female Fancy Rats Arrived 20th April Fostered in Peakdale, Buxton These little beauties came in (with Molly & Polly also available for adoption) via an Inspector after she had to rescue 100 rats from just one house, they would […]

Lola – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

** REHOMED ** Female 1 1/2 years Staffordshire Bull Terrier Arrived 28th April Private boarding kennels Macclesfield   Lola is your typical young Staffie, full of energy but full of love and affection. She is always eager to please and wants nothing more than someone to give her the time […]

Willow – Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Female Cross breed Young adult Arrived 27th April Private boarding Rode Heath Willow was picked up as a stray by the RSPCA, she is a gorgeous and friendly bunny and is of course looking for a neutered male to hook up with! We do also offer a […]

Flopsy, Mopsy and Puddles – Kittens

** REHOMED ** Female and male Domestic Short Hair 4 weeks old approx Arrived 11th April 2017 Fostered in Buxton These adorable kittens came into our care with their mum Gemima (who is reserved) as their previous owners sadly had more animals than they could manage. A few of the […]

Albert – Lop Eared Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Male White and Brown Lop Eared 3 years max Arrived 12th April Private boarding Rode Heath Albert came in with Alfie & Arnold from a house of 56 rabbits, you can imagine the state of the place, they were just left to breed which got out of […]

Beauty – Cat

** REHOMED ** Female Domestic Long Hair 14 months old approx Arrived 1st April 2017 Fostered in Macclesfield Beauty was brought into our care as her owner was a student struggling with the financial responsibilities of a pet. She is a very affectionate little kitty and her name is so […]