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Our animals who’ve found their forever homes

Don – Lionhead Cross Rabbit

** REHOMED ** 4 years old Male Lionhead cross Arrived 22nd Feb Fostered in Macclesfield Don is a friendly little bunny, he is a touch shy but in the main he normally runs towards you for a nosey, especially when you have food! He likes it when you sit and […]

Gomez and Morticia – Cats

** REHOMED ** Gomez and Morticia Male and Female Semi Long and Domestic Short Haired 4 years old approx Arrived 21st February 2017 Private boarding in Rode Heath Gomez and Morticia are a pair of bonded sweet black beauties. They are super affectionate and Gomez would like nothing more than […]

Cooper – Mastiff

** REHOMED ** Mastiff 9 months old Male Arrived 13th Feb Private kennels Macclesfield Cooper came in via an Inspector, he was living with another dog who went to another branch. A complaint was made over the dogs being kept in crates for too long. Apparently the owners couldn’t cope, […]

Angus – Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Young adult Grey & White Dutch Male Arrived 8th Feb Private boarding Rode Heath Angus has come in via the Inspectors as a stray. He is very friendly, good to handle and reasonably confident. In the words of one of our volunteers who met him: “He is […]

Riley – Cat

** REHOMED ** Male Domestic Short Hair 5 years old approx Arrived 7th February 2017 Private boarding in Rode Heath Riley has come into our care as his owner had sadly passed away. Even though he is in a completely alien environment and without his owner, he is still very […]

Smudge – Cat

Female 6 years old approx Domestic Short Hair – Tortie Arrived 21st January 2017 Private boarding in Rode Heath This sweet little girl has unfortunately been returned to the branch, after being adopted over 3 years ago. Sadly she wasn’t getting along with the adopters partners cat and after 3 […]

Smudge – Cat

Male Domestic Short Hair 2 years old approx Arrived 20th December 2016 Private boarding – Rode Heath Smudge was one of three cats brought into our care, after one of our volunteers and another local rescues helped manage a very large cat colony of over 20 cats! Smudge is handsome […]

Hercules – Lurcher

** REHOMED ** Male Lurcher 9 years Arrived 24th Jan Boarding kennels, Cheshire   Hercules is a gentleman, grand in stature with a beautiful face with scars that tells a very sad story. But he is a very placid chap, lovely on the lead. He tends to ignore dogs on […]

Bing – Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Approx. 3 years Female Cross breed Arrived 223rd Jan Private boarding Rode Heath Bing was one of a number of rabbits abandoned in a property by their so called owner-certainly not a caring one at that! Bing is a friendly bunny who cannot wait to find a […]

Frankie – Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Approx. 3 years Female Cross breed Arrived 24th Jan Private boarding Rode Heath Frankie was rescued by Amanda who looks after our RSPCA rabbits, along with three other rabbits (soon to be up for adoption once in good health) badly neglected, very underweight and filthy-their plight was […]

Keith – Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Male Cross breed 2 years approx Arrived 5th January Private boarding Rode Heath Update 26th September: Keith is now looking to be an indoor rabbit (with access to the outdoors) with humans for company, unfortunately he’s had quite a few failed bonds so it seems he is […]

Robbie – Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Male Cross breed 3 years approx Arrived 5th January Private boarding Rode Heath Robbie has come in via the Inspectors from a multi rabbit household where the owner just couldn’t manage, neutering is a good preventative! Robbie is confident, energetic and cheeky bunny! He would love to […]

Mickey – Cat

** REHOMED ** Male Domestic Short Hair 4 years old approx Arrived 22nd December 2016 Private boarding in Rode Heath Mickey hasn’t had the best few weeks. His owner had been evicted and left him behind. Thankfully the RSPCA inspectors got him out of the property and we are helping […]

Maisy – Cat

** REHOMED ** Female Domestic Short Hair 3 years old approx Arrived 16th December 2016 Fostered in Sandbach   Maisy, the sassy little tripod! This three-legged cat, sadly lost her previous owner as he passed away and his microchipped and their lovely neighbours had been feeding Maisy and giving her […]

Hermaine – Cat

Hermaine Female Domestic Short Hair Age likely 12 years approx Arrived 22nd December 2016 Private boarding in Rode Heath This sweet old girl was brought into our care after a concerned member of public took her to a local vets. She had been wandering around and it turns out the […]

George – Guinea Pig

** REHOMED ** George Guinea Pig Male Approx. 1 – 2 Arrived 30th Dec Fostered in Congleton   Update 6th January George has now been neutered so he can now be rehomed with a female or group of females.   Gorgeous George was abandoned in a cardboard box outside a […]

Harley – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

** REHOMED ** Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier 1 1/2 to 3 years old Fostered in Macclesfield Arrived 24th November HAPPY HAPPY Harley! From day one she has been a super star, so confident and happy she has amazed us all considering how severely neglected she was. I think she knew […]

Dasher & Dancer – Dwarf Rabbits

Dasher & Dancer Male and Female Dwarfs Young adults Arrived 15th and 21st Dec Private boarding, Rode Heath This gorgeous little pair were found as strays. The inspector managed to find one (it was reported there were a pair) and unbelievable a few days later the other was found! It was […]

Ovie – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

** REHOMED ** Staffordshire Bull Terrier Male 7 years old Arrived 13th Dec Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre   Ovie had been kept in very dirty and hazardous conditions, also left on his own for 48 hours without any provisions made. The RSPCA has been to the property before so has […]

Penny – Doberman cross

** REHOMED ** Doberman cross 6 years (dob 08/10/2010) Female Arrived 21st Dec Private boarding Macclesfield Penny has come into our care under the Home for Life scheme due to her owner sadly passing away. https://www.rspca.org.uk/whatwedo/care/homeforlife Penny is certainly pining and quite anxious over the loss of her Dad and […]