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Our animals who’ve found their forever homes

Brian – Lion Head Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Male Lion Head 8 months Private boarding in Rode Heath Arrived 11th April Brian was signed over to an Inspector in order to reduce numbers as the owner was struggling to cope. He is fairly friendly but not in-your-face confident, a quiet soul really, he is probably missing company […]

Basil & Bay Leaf – Lion head Rabbits

** REHOMED **Basil (black/brown) & Bay leaf (white/grey) Male Lion heads Young adults Arrived 28th March Fostered in Chapel en le Frith Meet Basil and Bay leaf, two very handsome fellas. They were rescued by the RSPCA when eight rabbits were found dumped in a cage, sadly four had to be […]

Bluebell & Buttercup – Lionhead Rabbits

** REHOMED ** Female Lionheads 2 months approx. Arrived 28th March Fostered in Macclesfield Meet Bluebell & Buttercup, beautiful bunny babies and so dinky. They were rescued by the RSPCA when eight rabbits were found dumped in a cage, sadly four had to be euthanized under welfare grounds. Bluebell in […]

Timmy – Kitten

** REHOMED ** Male Domestic Short Hair 5 months old approx Arrived 21st March 2017 Fostered in Buxton Sweet boy Timmy was brought into a local vet as an injured stray by a concerned member of public. The vets asked if we would help find this lovely boy a home. […]

Jenga and Piper – Cats

** REHOMED ** Male and Female Domestic Short Hair 10 months old approx Arrived 24th March 2017 Fostered in Congleton Fosterer Update: These two beauties are fostering with me at the moment. They are wonderful, very friendly and affectionate. They can be shy at first but after a few moments […]

Phoebe & Talia – Chinchillas

** REHOMED ** Chinchillas Female 7 and 6 years old Arrived 25th March Fostered in Widnes   This gorgeous mother and daughter duo have been signed over to us as the owner cannot keep them any longer, he has moved back in to the family home where there are six […]

Reggie – Cat

** REHOMED ** Male Domestic Short Hair 5 years old approx Arrived 27th March 2017 Private boarding in Rode Heath If you’re looking for a big cuddle bug, look no further! Reggie is the sweetest cat and just wants your undivided attention. He hasn’t had the greatest of starts but […]

Diddy – Rabbit

** REHOMED ** 2 years estimated Netherland Dwarf Arrived 17th March Private boarding in Rode Heath   Meet our blue eyed boy Diddy! He’s a stunning little lad, very sweet and confident. Another bunny dumped in a box to die in the lead up to Easter. Thank God he was […]

Hope – German Shepherd cross

Hope Female German Shep cross 2 1/2 years Arrived 2nd March Chesterfield Animal Centre Hope was originally taken into RSPCA care September 2016 as a welfare case as she was extremely emaciated, living in filthy conditions, overgrown claws, poor coat and poor teeth. The owner was successfully prosecuted and banned […]

Tye – Cross breed/SBT

**REHOMED ** Cross breed/SBT Male 7 years old Arrived 15th Feb Fostered in Macclesfield This amazing dog called Tye is now looking for his forever home. Tye was intentionally starved and extremely underweight upon arrival so he was offered a temporary home by one of our wonderful fosterers and their […]

Tilly – SBT Cross

** REHOMED ** Female Arrived 31st Jan SBT Cross 3 year Location Chesterfield Animal Centre Tilly is a dog that once she knows you is very friendly and adores attention (she absolutely loves her main carer at the Animal Centre and doesn’t want to stray far from her side!). She’s […]

Rip – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

** REHOMED ** Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier 10 years old Arrived 14th March Private boarding Kennels, Macclesfield Rip we here you say? Yes Rip! We thought about changing his name but it’s his name, it probably has a lot to do with the fact he probably destroyed things he shouldn’t […]

Toffee and Treacle – Guinea Pigs

** REHOMED ** Male 2 years old Guinea Pigs Arrived 5th March Fostered in Congleton These little cuties came in because their owner was allergic to them. They are absolutely gorgeous looking boys, they are indoor piggies and are not used to other animals so a pet free home is […]

Poppy – Rabbit

** REHOMED ** 4 years old Female Rex Arrived 22nd Feb Fostered in Wilmslow   Update 4th October, sadly Lulu had to be put to sleep today after losing weight over a short period of time, it was established she had an internal tumour so the vets advised to let her go […]

Ronnie – Cross Breed

**REHOMED ** 2 years old Male Cross breed Arrived 28th Feb Private boarding kennels Cheshire     Ronnie and another dog were found in an emaciated condition hence the RSPCA taking matters further. He was very nervous and starving back in the early days. He has put on over 6 kilos and is now in […]

Don – Lionhead Cross Rabbit

** REHOMED ** 4 years old Male Lionhead cross Arrived 22nd Feb Fostered in Macclesfield Don is a friendly little bunny, he is a touch shy but in the main he normally runs towards you for a nosey, especially when you have food! He likes it when you sit and […]

Gomez and Morticia – Cats

** REHOMED ** Gomez and Morticia Male and Female Semi Long and Domestic Short Haired 4 years old approx Arrived 21st February 2017 Private boarding in Rode Heath Gomez and Morticia are a pair of bonded sweet black beauties. They are super affectionate and Gomez would like nothing more than […]

Cooper – Mastiff

** REHOMED ** Mastiff 9 months old Male Arrived 13th Feb Private kennels Macclesfield Cooper came in via an Inspector, he was living with another dog who went to another branch. A complaint was made over the dogs being kept in crates for too long. Apparently the owners couldn’t cope, […]

Angus – Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Young adult Grey & White Dutch Male Arrived 8th Feb Private boarding Rode Heath Angus has come in via the Inspectors as a stray. He is very friendly, good to handle and reasonably confident. In the words of one of our volunteers who met him: “He is […]

Riley – Cat

** REHOMED ** Male Domestic Short Hair 5 years old approx Arrived 7th February 2017 Private boarding in Rode Heath Riley has come into our care as his owner had sadly passed away. Even though he is in a completely alien environment and without his owner, he is still very […]