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Our animals who’ve found their forever homes

Chevy and Riley – Guinea Pigs

** REHOMED ** Male 2 Years approx. Guinea Pigs Arrived 2nd December Fostered in Congleton Chevy & Riley’s owner contacted us for help as he and his wife unfortunately had a relationship break down and he just hasn’t got the time to care for them anymore. They are lovely characters, […]

Steve – Rat

** REHOMED ** Adult Male Arrived 22nd July fostered in Widnes.   STEVE   Update for November 2016: He’s doing great, very confident little guy! Very responsive to his name and I can now scoop him up on my dressing gown to get him back in his cage. Still not a […]

Hugo – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

**REHOMED** 1 year old Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier Arrived 9th November Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre Hugo is paid for by our branch but looked after by Chesterfield RSPCA as it’s far cheaper at just £5 a day boarding, free neutering and heavily discounted vet fees, which means we can help […]

Apple, Blackberry, Cherry and Rhubarb – Kittens

Apple, Blackberry, Cherry, Rhubarb (Pies) 2 x Females ** REHOMED ** 2 x Males Semi Long Hair 8 weeks old approx Arrived 13th November 2016 Fostered in Congleton These 4 beautiful kittens were brought into our care after a concerned member of public found a mum cat and her young […]

Alan – Fancy Rat

** REHOMED ** Alan Adult Male Fancy Rat Arrived 13th November Fostered in MCR.   Alan (along with Steve and Billy also looking for new homes) was dumped loose (open cardboard box) along with 60-70 other rats back in July, they were in terrible condition, Alan was covered in rat […]

Kevin – Mastiff

** REHOMED ** Mastiff Male 5 years old Arrived 17th October Chesterfield RSPCA Animal centre Kevin- Mastiff Kevin is a friendly, playful big dog. He hasn’t lived with children but has met visiting older children in his previous home so we feel he would be suitable to live with older […]

Daisy – Cat

** REHOMED ** Female Tortie 2 years old approx Arrived 30th October 2016 Private boarding in Rode Heath   Daisy came into the care of the RSPCA in July, out of welfare concerns as she was not being looked after by her previous owners. Daisy was then transfered into our […]

Pixie – Cat

Pixie Female Tortie 2 years old approx Arrived 4th November 2016 Private boarding in Rode Heath Pixie (mother of black kittens also available for adoption) came into our care after she was abandoned by her previous owners. As she wasn’t spayed, got pregnant and had kittens in the streets. She […]

Chester – Cat

Chester Female Semi Long Hair 3 years old approx Arrived 4th November 2016 Private boarding in Rode Heath If you’re looking for a love bug lap cat, look no further!! Chester is such a lovely friendly cat especially considering her history. She was abandoned and living in the streets for […]

Regan – Cat

Regan ** REHOMED ** Female Long Hair Tortie 4 years old Approx Arrived 19th October 2016 Private boarding in Rode Heath Regan is a sweet natured, beautiful long haired cat. She’s quite shy so will need a quiet home where she can come out of her shell and feel comfortable. […]

Aurora, Astra and Alaric – Kittens

Aurora, Astra and Alaric ** REHOMED ** 1 female and 2 males Semi Long Hair 8 weeks old approximately Arrived 27th October 2016 Fostered in Macclesfield These sweet little black beauties were born on the streets after their mother was left behind by the previous owners after they moved away. […]

Merlin – Cat

** REHOMED ** Male Domestic Short Hair 8 years old approx Arrived 11th October 2016 Private boarding in Rode Heath November 13th foster update: “Merlin has been with us now for 2 weeks and has settled in well. He is very affectionate and likes to talk to you. He is […]

Romeo and Leo – Shitzu cross Pugs

** REHOMED ** Romeo (Curly haired) & Leo (Wispy haired) Approx 1 and 2 years old. Shitzu cross Pugs Male Arrived 5th October Private boarding kennels Cheshire   Two little love bugs await their forever home! This pair are sure to woo anyone off their feet! What little beauties, they […]

Baghera – Cat

Baghera Male Domestic Short Hair 2 year old approx Arrived 13th October 2016 Fostered – Macclesfield I have had Baghera now for two weeks and he has settled in well. He is a large handsome panther very playful and extremely alert takes in every detail of his surroundings. Baghera eats […]

Jack and Sally – Kittens

** REHOMED ** Male and Female Domestic Short Hair 6 months old approx Arrived 11th October 2016 Fostered in Congleton   Sally is a very confident kitten, exploring her foster home very quickly. She is still a little shy with human contact but given time to trust and support from her […]

Salem and Elvira – Cats

** REHOMED ** Male and Female Domestic Short Hair 1 year old approx Arrived 7th October 2016 Private boarding in Rode Heath This beautiful pair were found abandoned in a box but luckily this hasn’t affected them trusting humans. Very affectionate pair who love attention. Both are beautiful in their […]

Six Bunny Babies – Rabbits

Sherlock (Fawn with white leg)- Male Watson (Grey with white nose) – Female Mildred (Black) – female REHOMED Mavis (Pale grey all over) – Female REHOMED Myrtle (White with pale grey patches) – Male REHOMED Mixed breeds 2 males 4 females 8 weeks approx Arrived 21st September Private boarding Rode Heath   These […]

Artie – Rabbit

** REHOMED ** Male Mixed breed 5 years approx. Arrived 25th September Private boarding Rode Heath   Artie originally came into our care after eleven rabbits were removed by the Inspectorate from a property where they had been kept in awful conditions, back in the summer of 2014. Artie was […]

Sabrina – Cat

** REHOMED ** Female Domestic Short Hair 2 years old approx Arrived 29th Sept 2016 Private boarding in Rode Heath Sabrina, the majestic black cat, was sadly abandoned outside someones home, inside a box. We don’t have much history on her but what we do know, is that she is […]

Bonnie – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

** REHOMED ** 7years old Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Arrived 8th September Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre Beautiful Bonnie came into the RSPCA because she was yet another dog kept in really bad conditions by the owner. She came in with a skin problem that she has had treatment for and […]