Consider a Staffie


‘Staffies Don’t Make Good Pets’.What A Load Of Bull! Please don’t ignore our Staffordshire Bull Terriers-watch this Stop the Staffy Status Cycle video! RSPCA releases chart of most popular & unpopular breeds and urges people to rehome a Staffie The Staffordshire Continue reading

Privacy Statement

RSPCA MACCLESFIELD, SOUTH EAST CHESHIRE & BUXTON BRANCH Privacy Statement Introduction This privacy statement covers the RSPCA Macclesfield, South East Cheshire & Buxton Branch (hereafter referred to as “the Branch”) website at The Branch website is the website of Continue reading

RSPCA Branches


Listed below are other RSPCA branches. These are amongst the 175 branches, animal welfare centres, 52 animal centres, clinics, 4 wildlife centres and 5 regional HQs and a national call centre which comprise the RSPCA in England and Wales. Altrincham & Continue reading