Cheeky and Niblet – Cats

6 months
DSH Silver Tabby & White
18 months
DSH Black & White
Fostered in Stoke en Trent
Arrived 3rd March
  cheekyniblet-080315 (4) cheekyniblet-080315 (3) cheekyniblet-080315 (1) cheekyniblet-080315 (2) cheekyniblet-080315 (11) cheekyniblet-080315 (10)
This gorgeous pair of boys came in as the owner was being evicted from the property and the cats had nowhere to go. It would be lovely to rehome them together as they are close. When they came in they were riddled with fleas but we got them treated and they are now gone! Cheeky has been neutered, Niblet was already neutered, they’ve both been micro chipped and started vaccinations.
Both of them settled in really quickly with their new surroundings and are eating, sleeping and using the litter box without any problems. Cheeky is a very lively little 6 months old and loves to play and wrestle with Niblet. After he has run himself tired he likes to jump up on your lap or stomach and have a nap. He likes being scratched on the stomach and has no problem being picked up or cuddled. Niblet is a bit calmer and his favourite place is sitting by the window observing or sleeping. But as soon as you get up from your seat he is right there next to you, stroking against your legs, wanting to cuddle. They are both beautiful and very loving cats and will without a doubt bring lots of smiles and love to their new family!

RSPCA Log PC147 3/3/15

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