Chevy and Riley – Guinea Pigs

2 Years approx.
Guinea Pigs
Arrived 2nd December
Fostered in Congleton

chevy-riley-111216-1 chevy-riley-111216-3 chevy-riley-111216-2

Chevy & Riley’s owner contacted us for help as he and his wife unfortunately had a relationship break down and he just hasn’t got the time to care for them anymore. They are lovely characters, friendly, can be shy and timid, they like lots of places to take shelter in their environment if they feel worried-they’ve led a sheltered life mainly living in a hutch with only about 20/30 minutes time out when cleaning took place so it’ll be lovely for them to have a more enriched environment. They will need a large hutch (minimum 5ft x 2ft) and run combo/secure play area so they can have freedom from the hutch when they want. They have been used to children but due to their shyness they must be handled in the right way so wouldn’t suit young children and a pet free home is ideal. They have been health checked by our vet and are fit and healthy. They need dust free hay for bedding-NOT wood shavings/sawdust and the correct diet of nuggets as opposed to muesli.

For information on accommodation, diet, health please click here.


RSPCA log no. PG12 2/12/16

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