Coco – Cross breed

Cross breed
1 year old
Arrived 28th August
Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre

Just look at our little black beauty Coco, just gorgeous! She is a very sweet dog and very friendly but extremely anxious at the same time. She has come in via an Inspector from a home where she underfed (very underweight only weighing 13kg) and kept in a garden most of the time so has very little experience of the outside world. She wants to be with people, but often looks for reassurance and can easily become worried by unfamiliar situations.

Coco needs an empathic owner who can manage her nervous/anxious nature and make her feel as comfortable as possible and build up a positive relationship with her leading to basic training. We feel she would be best suited to an adult only home without other pets. However, due to her age we are open to her potentially living with a very well balanced and sociable dog to help guide her and build her confidence depending on intros a she does not know how to respond to other dogs yet. A quiet location so she can be slowly introduced to new things. If you are interested in Coco please telephone the animal centre on 01246 273358.

Log no. 72 22/04/18