Cotton & Candy – Pink Eyed White Guinea Pigs

Cotton & Candy
Pink Eyed White Guinea Pigs
Approx 1 year
Arrived 10th November
Fostered in Macclesfield

Eyes like Rubies and fur like snow make the prettiest of Piggies! Although safe and well cared for now that wasn’t the case previously, 80 Guinea Pigs were rescued from a home whereby breeding got out of control, they were all kept in filthy conditions with no bedding or food. As a result Cotton & Candy have not known the human touch till now, they are skittish of course but are slowly growing in confidence, they do run from you but can be picked up and held, they are real softies. They are unsurprisingly on the lean side but have good appetites and are gaining weight, they’ve had their health checks and are in fine fettle! They’ll need a quiet home with someone who has the time to bring them out of themselves even further.  Set up will ideally be a large C&C, min. 6 x 2 cubes but larger if a group of pigs, or a 5 x 2 ft hutch or shed with an attached run/play area, with plenty of enrichment. Housing/enrichment ideas can be found here