Diesel – Staffordshire Bull Terrier


11 years old
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Arrived 15th March 2016
Fostered in Congleton


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Enrich Your Life With an Oldie

If you’re looking for a well-mannered mutt that has a lot of love to give, consider taking home an older dog!
We are smitten! Diesel’s CV consists of: Adorable. Handsome. Affectionate. Loving. Playful. Energetic. Cuddly. Loves lying in front of the fire. Loves offering his belly for everyone to stroke. Loves toys-if they last. Thoroughly enjoys his walks-he is no plodder!
He will suit a young child and pet free home due to his age. Diesel is already neutered and micro chipped and now fully vaccinated. History: Sadly all the pets have suffered with fur loss (normally triggered by non prevention/treatment of fleas=flea allergies) over a period of time and the RSPCA have been to the property several times to improve the situation to no avail. Added to this the owners new partner is banned from keeping animals for previous animal cruelty offences. Diesel is absolutely fantastic, he’s our very own cuddly love bug, come and see for yourself just how absolutely scrummy he is!

Update 8th June: Diesel loves a lot of fuss and attention. Diesel loves running around the garden playing fetch and drop with his kong. He is very clever and loves a challenge ie when I hide treats for him and he has to hunt. At the moment with the hot weather he loves crunching ice cubes. He is good with the majority of other dogs. Since being on the new medication he is so much better in himself and hardly has toilet accidents just the odd one occasionally if left. He would suit someone around for most of the time as he really is people orientated. He is what we call a ham! Daft, silly, incredibly loving and will smile at you when you rub his tummy as the photo shows!


Update 29th April: We decided to get an allergy test done on Diesel as he always very itchy and it’s come back positive for Atopic Dermatitis and mite allergy, very common indeed particularly in bull breeds so we are sure this is something that won’t put any bully lovers off our Diesel! For information please click here He is starting his treatment (Apoquel and Piriton) which and any new owner would need to continue with this. You can purchase the medication for half the cost online as opposed to direct from the vets.


RSPCA  log 844 2/10/15

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.