Flora, Freya and Fleur – Texel Guinea Pigs

Texel Guinea Pigs
Fostered in Wilmslow
Arrived 5th January
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Update 21st Jan: This gorgeous little Trio are now in a foster home in Wilmslow. We would now consider rehoming them to a family with older children.Obviously the parents need to help with the feeding and cleaning but they are happy enough to sit and be groomed by the fosterer’s older children. They are in a large two storey hutch BUT they do not like the ladders therefore they require a large single story hutch with a large run attached or a large c&c pen in doors.
Flora originally came into our care via Inspectors after they were removed from a house with over eighty guinea pigs.
Many were without food and water and it’s a miracle that they survived.  Flora gave birth to several babies including Fleur & Freya (names were changed by previous owners) who have stayed with her, they were all adopted but have been returned after a few months as the daughter wasn’t interested in them any more. When they were returned we had to sedate them all to shave their matted and compacted fur from their bottoms.
The black and white one is Marmite, the biggest brown and white one is the mum, Flora and the other smaller brown and white one is Coco. They are hairy fuzzy balls of character!  They adore hay, kale, parsley and coriander. They are all neutered and need to stay together. Please click on this link for information on Guinea Pig’s needs.
These girls are quite vocal, they are not at all aggressive but do make it known they aren’t that keen on being handled but will put up with it, after all they do need regular grooming of that amazing wild hair of theirs! They are typical piggies in that they do make noise so ideally we’re looking for an adult or teenage home, someone experienced and confident. They need a very big hutch and run. They are no more difficult to look after than any other piggie but due to their long hair needs to be maintained.

RSPCA Log No PG9 13/12/13

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.