Frodo and Balin – Rabbits


Frodo (Male Black)
Balin (Male White)
Approx 12 weeks old upon arrival
Arrived 9th May
Private boarding Rode Heath

balin-frodo-120815.jpeg Frodo (1) Balin (2) frodo-balin-280815 (1) frodo-balin-280815 (6) frodo-balin-280815 (4) frodo-balin-280815 (3) frodo-balin-280815 (2)

These gorgeous youngsters came in with their father Gandalf who sadly passed away during a routine neutering. The poor rabbits were traumatised and thin being kept in a sealed box of sorts in the garden, no water, food, hay, simply baron and extremely cramped and dirty. The Inspector was actually there to deal with the welfare of two Rottweilers, he asked if they had any other animals, they said no, upon searching he found the rabbits. The woman said she fed them about two weeks ago, the guy said he threw an apple 5 days ago.

They have all been checked by a vet and vaccinated. They will be neutered and microchipped when old enough before or after adoption depending on which comes first. Each rabbit needs to be rehomed with a neutered opposite sex or adopted with a sibling as a pair. Minimum housing requirement is a 6x2x2ft hutch and an ‘attached’ 6x4ft run. Do not buy until you have checked that housing you are interested in meets the RSPCA’s requirements.

Please note: Frodo & Balin can be rehomed together or separately with neutered females.

RSPCA log no. 834 6/5/15

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.