Geoffrey – Happy Ending

08/03/15: Geoffrey was successfully bonded with his new adopted sister and was adopted yesterday, here’s to a lovely new life Geoffrey where you will never experience cruelty ever again!

geoffrey-080215 (2)


Geoffrey came in via Inspectors and has been in RSPCA care for a year while the case against his owners was being tried. He was removed by the Inspectors with the police Feb 2014 along with 38 chickens. Their owner had gone on holiday and left the animals in squalor with no one coming to them whilst she was away. They were all in a garage with no access to natural light that was full of poultry faeces and the place smelt terrible. The birds had limited access to food and for those that had water it was filthy. Jeffrey was in a tiny dirty run with no food or water. His run had just a chicken wire roof so he had no where to hide from the chickens perching above him. He had chicken faeces encrusted on his body.

RSPCA log no. 398 19/2/14