George – Guinea Pig


Guinea Pig
Approx. 1 – 2
Arrived 30th Dec
Fostered in Congleton

george-050117-1 george-050117-3 george-050117-2


Update 6th January George has now been neutered so he can now be rehomed with a female or group of females.


Gorgeous George was abandoned in a cardboard box outside a vets. The RSPCA were contacted and the Inspector brought him to us for rehoming all the way from Ellesmere Port. Unbelievably George is very tame and confident with people, he will make a lovely pet!! He has been checked over by our vet and is fit and healthy, he did have a few nicks on his back which may indicate he was arguing with a cage mate but we just don’t know for sure. He should be rehomed with another male or group and slowly integrated.

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RSPCA log no.  813 29/12/16

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