Hannah – Harlequin Lop Rabbit

Harlequin Lop
Approx 3 years old
Arrived 9th September
Fostered in Wilmslow

hannah-240916-3 hannah-240916-1 hannah-240916-4 hannah-240916-2

Hannah originally came into our care January 2014 at approx. 16 weeks of age with Hadley, owner irresponsibly bred and landed up with too many rabbits. Unfortunately Hadley has since died and the owner is moving and can’t take Hannah with her so she’s back in our care. She’s looking for a home with a neutered male bunny; we do provide a bonding service. She is vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped. We have lots of information on Hannah from her owner which we can pass on but here’s a few words from her fosterer:

Hannah is a lovely rabbit. She’s very tame and loves being stroked. She always greets you when you open the hutch. She’s very clean and uses a litter tray. She keeps her sleeping area spotless! She’d make a great indoor or outdoor rabbit. She’s quite happy to be picked up and really does deserve a forever home.

Housing requirement is a ‘minimum’ sized 6x2x2ft hutch with an ‘attached minimum sized’ 6x4ft run. What would be amazing is freedom to a secure garden/area for stimulation/change of scene. Please do not buy until you have checked that housing you are interested in meets the RSPCA’s requirements.


RSPCA log no. PR44 26/1/14

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.