Harley – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
1 1/2 to 3 years old
Fostered in Macclesfield
Arrived 24th November

harley-050117-3 harley-050117-2 harley-050117-1

HAPPY HAPPY Harley! From day one she has been a super star, so confident and happy she has amazed us all considering how severely neglected she was. I think she knew very quickly she’d been rescued. There are many before and after photos in this album

Videos were from when she was rescued. A friend contacted us as Harley had been found on a local estate, we strongly believe she was either thrown out or she escaped from a property. She had a night of rest, water and food then went to the vets where it was confirmed her poor body condition was from a very long time of neglect. Harley is such a good girl, she is very obedient, very affectionate, very playful and will do the typical jump up at her visitors for some love! She’s good with meeting dogs on her walks, on occasions can take umbrage but is not over the top. She can be rehomed with older children and a pet free home would be ideal. She toilets a lot for small dog too (probably because her system is not used to food and water) so needs regular visits to the garden/walks-she is still in toilet training as out of routine she does still have accidents mainly when she’s left. She’s not been micro chipped, vaccinated or spayed due to being so emaciated but this will be done shortly. She’s still not quite how she should be in weight and fur loss but she’s come a long way since, she will have bare skin for some time yet and one day she’ll have curves where she’s meant to have them! However, she is now ready to find a new loving home with a true Staffy lover!


Log No. PD183 24/11/16
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