Hercules – Lurcher


9 years
Arrived 24th Jan
Boarding kennels, Cheshire

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Hercules is a gentleman, grand in stature with a beautiful face with scars that tells a very sad story. But he is a very placid chap, lovely on the lead. He tends to ignore dogs on his walks as the nice new scents are much more appealing to the nose, he’s come on leaps and bounds as he used to be reactive in the past. He is not to be rehomed with small animals and would like a home where someone is around a lot to help settle him in with a large secure garden. After all he’s been in kennels 1 year and 2 months. Reason being is that’s how long the prosecution took against his previous owner for neglect. Now that is finally over Hercules is now free to find his forever home, someone who is experienced with Lurchers/Greyhounds due to his past. He can be rehomed with children 10 +. One of the cruellest blood sports is still rife to this day, he has been used and abused with terrible wounds left untreated. Despite all of this he is such a lovely dog in every single way, you would not believe he’s been through such trauma over the years.

Log No. 346 25/9/15
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