Holly – Happy Ending

Holly’s elderly owner who owned Holly her whole life from a rescue pup sadly passed away. Update from her new owner: 

she is an instant hit with everyone. Her character is really showing now and she does make me laugh. I  have a friend with two retrievers who I meet occasionally if we are out  walking at the same time and there is Holly right in the middle of them,  totally unabashed by the difference in size, trotting along nicely and  joining in with all the antics. We’ve found the right diet too, one which  she adores and one which does her good. Morning is a generous handful of  Senior Pro Plan with either a handful of fresh cooked chicken or fish and  early evening she has another handful of the Pro Plan with a sachet of the  new Pedigree Chum meaty flakes. Her treats are down to two a day after the  walks which are not followed by a meal…..however when we meet other dog  walkers she recognizes those who keep an ample supply in their pockets and  she is not usually disappointed! One thing I have found is she likes a  regular bedtime….I’m quite an early to bed person which is a good thing  for if I decide on the odd occasion to watch something after ten she is not  too happy and goes back and forth to the bedroom door until I say ok we’ll  go to bed and when she sees me getting up she skips and twirls around!

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RSPCA Log Number:PD171 8/8/14