Jack – Terrier

Approx 9 years old
Arrived 18th July 2018
Chesterfield RSPCA centre

Jack is a very sweet, friendly, nice natured dog. Cute as a button! Jack has spent over 4 years in kennels at a case centre while the case against the owner took place. That’s half his life time! Prosecutions are normally over relatively quickly unless the perpetrator pulls out all the punches to keep delaying progress which is of no benefit to the animals, just himself. Jack was seized from an illegal Badger Baiting farm along with other dogs. He had trauma to his mouth and teeth. Now the case is over he has been transferred to our rehoming centre.

Jack mixes very well with other dogs at the Animal Centre, but would prefer him to be the only dog (due to the fact he used to be reactive but training has resolved this) in the home. A small animal/cat free home is best. Can be re-homed with children over 10 years. He has had a dental and been neutered.

This little soldier deserves a happy life with lots of love and comfort and fun. He is very much a people person and loves a cuddle, brush (he will need to see a professional groomer occasionally) and just in general all the attention. He will happily be bathed, have no food related issues or toy possessiveness at all. We just feel so sorry that half his life has been spent in kennels and now he probably only has a few years left and want him to be given all the chances he deserves because he truly is such a sweet little guy and we all love him to bits!

We would advise anyone who is interested in Jack to telephone the animal centre first on 01246 273358 to discuss his re-homing requirement in more detail.


LOG 3510 3/7/14