Jerry, Micky, Fievel – Fancy Mice

Jerry, Micky, Fievel
Fancy Mice
3 1/2 months DOB 19th April
Arrived 30th July
Fostered in Macclesfield

threemice-060817 (1) threemice-060817 (3)

mice-240817 (1) mice-240817 (2) mice-240817 (3) mice-240817 (4)

This trio of mice were born in RSPCA care, the Altrincham branch took in some mice after 44 were found dumped in a box and brought in by an Inspector. One of the females gave birth to a litter of which Jerry, Micky & Feiva were from-photos show them when they were new born. Unfortunately their fosterer stopped fostering so we were asked to help as there was nowhere for them to go. They are a very pretty, friendly little group who are looking for a home with someone who has either had mice before or who has done a lot of research and understand what keeping mice entails, they will need lots of handling a safe environment. Small pets are not a small commitment. Minimum cage size applies (Please contact the branch for further info – we will give cage recommendations).


RSPCA log no. PM1 30/7/17

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.