Kito – Chinchilla


Female 2 years approx
Chinchilla (Beige)
Arrived 20/11/15
Fostered in Macclesfield


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Foster update 27.12.15
Kito has really come out of her shell, she can be shy around new people at first but doesn’t take long to start showing off. She loves to have a run out of her cage – once she gets used to her surrounding she is hilarious to watch. She jumps off walls, does back flips, jumps on your knees, shoulders and sometimes your head for a new place to perch! She isn’t keen on being held but is happy to sit for a brief stroke. After she has had a 30/40 minute run around she takes herself back into her cage to have a lie down! She doesn’t bite, just nibbles and loves her new hammock!! Since having it she has learnt to relax and snuggles up inside it to sleep.



Kito has come into our care as the young owner didn’t have time for her anymore, his parents didn’t have the time either so the family decided it’s best to rehome. Sadly her sister Nato became ill and had to be put to sleep before they were due to come in. So Kito is looking for another female or neutered male friend. Like rabbits and rats etc…Chinchillas must not live on their own, they are extremely social animals and must live in pairs or groups. Kito has been grieving, she lost her appetite and spice for life so just in case she was examined by her vet a couple of days before arrival and was given the all clear. Kito is a shy and timid Chinchilla but is ok to handle-she is not a biter. Kito and her sister had free run of a shed (with low heating) whereby the cage doors were open so we hope to find a new home where they have a similar set up, even if it’s a whole room to themselves or they are allowed many hours of freedom from the cage as they chose in the evenings as they do not like to be confined 24/7. If needed we are happy to sell Kito’s cage especially if the existing cage does not meet RSPCA standards. Please do read up on their welfare and needs via this link

RSPCA log no. PCH1 20/11/15

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