Lexi – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
4 1/2 years
Arrived 5th April
Chesterfield Animal Centre

Lexi is a really lovely ‘proper’ Staffy; absolutely stunning, she’ll definitely catch the eye of all Bully Lovers out there! She’s a very friendly, loving dog and likes to get up on your knee if she can for extra fuss and cuddle if she can! She has been transferred from another RSPCA branch where she cam in via the Inspectors under welvare grounds. She lived with a male dog in the home but in the stressful environment of the kennels they got fed up with each other and to be separated. We’ve found her to be playful with other dogs but very boisterous too so it may depend on the specific dog and how they react to her. We’ve placed her to go with children over 8 years but not to go with cats. She did get Pyometra (if bitches aren’t spayed they can die very quickly from this infection) prior to coming into our care but thankfully it was caught in time and she was spayed, she is micro chipped and fully vaccinated. All she wants is fuss, attention, play and CUDDLES! More information can be provided via Chesterfield RSPCA. http://www.chesterfield-rspca.org.uk/contact/


Log no. D11/18 15.2.18