Lily and Larry – Rabbits

Age: Approx 3 years
Arrived September 2013
Location: Private Boarding Rode Heath
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Update Jan 2015: I have been looking after Lilly and Larry for several months now. If ever there was a pair of rabbits destined for each other, it’s these two. They are always together, and rely totally on each other. Lilly functions as though she is sighted, because Larry looks after her and he ‘is her eyes’. They are a sweet pair, gentle and non aggressive. They love their food and love their routines. They like their surroundings to be familiar and take reassurance and comfort I suspect from these routines. They would suit someone who just loves watching rabbits for their sake , and who doesn’t feel a need to handle them and ‘fuss’ them all the time. Lilly has been vet checked as she has a strange movement (back leg) almost like a disability, but nothing has been found via a vet to indicate a significant problem. She is able to keep herself clean and dry. Larry doesn’t have any health problems now, his teeth need keeping an eye on but with the correct diet there shouldn’t be a problem. They really are a lovely pair of buns, and I hope someone will find it in their heart to give them a gentle, quiet retirement home. 


Lily & Larry first arrived in our care in 2011 via Inspectorate. They were adopted out and have lived happily since. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances their owners have been forced to return them to us for rehoming. Lily & Larry are a friendly, easy going pair who have tired of life in the fast lane, and now like to sit comfortably and watch the comings and goings of the world. They are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and are looking for a loving family to take care of them forever-no children please.

Lilly and Larry have been used to single level barn as their accommodation for the last two years so they would suit housing that was just on one level to simulate what they are accustomed to. If it’s a shed or similiar they will need a 6x4ft run.



RSPCA Log nbr 819 20/5/11

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.