Lola – Jack Russell Cross

** REHOMED** Lola (was elsa)
Jack Russell cross
DOB 4/5/14
Fostered in Congleton, Cheshire

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Lola (original name Elsa) was rehomed as a small puppy but has sadly been returned due to her owners relationship breaking up. Lola was one of Beauties puppies that were born whilst in our care. Lola is micro-chipped and fully vaccinated. We will cover the cost of mandatory neutering when old enough, around 5-6 of age.

Lola can be rehomed to all types of households; with or without children (as long as they are supervised at all times and are aware of the do’s and don’t s) and other pets. Lola is absolutely beautiful. She is almost Whippet like even though her mother is a Jack Russell. She is full of beans which is to be expected at this age.

All existing pets ideally should be neutered and vaccinated. A puppy really is for life and very demanding; you cannot work full time and raise a puppy. They teeth for many months which mean they need to chew and need copious amounts of exercise; attention and kind reward based training. You must be 100% certain a puppy is right for you as they can be hard work! We strongly advise anyone getting a puppy to attend puppy classes through your vet/local dog club which are inexpensive; this will help socialise and train not only the puppy but the owner too!

If you are interested in Lola
or call 01625 669620

RSPCA Log Number: 398 08/04/14‏