Lottie – Boxer

Arrived 23rd Jan
Private boarding kennels Macclesfield
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Update 8th Feb: Lottie has put on 3 kg since being in our care, another few to go and she’ll be perfect! Lottie is now in a foster home in Buxton too. She has met a few dogs while on lead and has been fine so we’re learning that she’s quite a good girl!
Lottie came in via the Inspectors with two other Boxers. Both owners died last year leaving one son with learning difficulties unable to cope with the dogs.  Lottie is extremely underweight through not being fed. She has been neutered, had a blood test and started vaccinations. She is already microchipped. 
Lottie is absolutely gorgeous! We don’t have any history on her but she is a real sweetie with everyone. Ideally we’re looking for a pet free home. We are not sure what she’s like with dogs as she does pull and bark at them but not sure if that’s because she’s restrained on the lead and excited. We don’t think she’s has much socialisation but she loves her walks and is so inquisitive!  

Log No. 1477 12/01/14

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