Louie and Tiffany – Happy Ending

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These beautiful little kittens’ mother was dumped in a carrier, she was heavily pregnant and gave birth in our care. Sadly 2 died as they were just too weak.  A word from their new owners;

just wanted to let you know that Louie and Ariana are doing very well and now are well and truly in charge of our house.

They are both very playful and attentive little kittens. Ariana is the
climber of the two and loves being up as high as possible. I am currently
designing a cat wall for them so they have something to climb and play on,
like an adventure playground for cats 🙂 The large scratching post come
playhouse is no challenge for them now.

Louie has had some trouble with ear mites and has an on going issue with his ears as they seem to over produce wax and cause him scratch a lot so he is currently wearing a collar and having treatment with Fiona at Bond Street Vets. He is a very happy kitten regardless of his ear issue and loves
lounging in the sun and loves to chatter away to people.

They are great together and have a good strong bond which is lovely to see.
Saying that they sure do love to play fight and chase each other from the
bottom of the house right up to the attic. Great exercise for them both 🙂

We are so happy we adopted them, they really have made our house a home now.

Log no. 1600 25/07/14

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