Mac – Greyhound

2 years 
Arrived 31st March
Private boarding kennels Macclesfield
mac-030415 (1) mac-030415 (3) mac-030415 (2)
A complaint was made to the RSPCA about a dog being beaten, kicked, slapped and kept in a cage most of the time. The owner was pregnant and said she was unable to cope. Mac has been neutered, micro-chipped and started vaccinations. 
Mac is a gentle boy with such a beautiful face, nothing we can say will get across how gorgeous he is! If he has been abused he does not hold it against us. He is one very hungry boy, very underweight and LOVES his food, perhaps one day when it clicks in his head he won’t be deprived of food he’ll take it more gently rather than ravenously! He has lived with other dogs and has met others whilst in our care with no problems. A loving sweet lad who will make a wonderful addition to the family. 

Log No. 29 28/02/15
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