Mary and Minion – Rabbits

Approx 5 years and 1-3 years
Arrived 17th May
Fostered in Macclesfield
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Mary and Minion were rescued from a home where the accommodation was too small and they had been neglected. The owners contacted us to rehome them but they then changed their minds which was extremely frustrating, thankfully after some time they did sign them over to us for rehoming back in March. They have been very well cared for all that time by the lady who boards our rabbits until we had the funds and space to take them in for rehoming. They are now in a foster home. They have been chipped, vaccinated, vet checked and spayed. Nothing of any concern was discovered. They arrived very thin but are now fine and eating very well so they were basically starved before. They are friendly and sociable but don’t always like being picked up, they tolerate it! But boy do they love their grub! They run to you particularly when they know you have food!

RSPCA log no. PR70 17/5/16

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