Mary – German Shepherd

German Shepherd
8 years old
Arrived 21st February
Fostered in Sandbach

News from beautiful Mary’s fosterer: “Mary is a sweet and sensitive girl. She does not act her age in the slightest and we would urge you to look past that. She just wants to play with her ball and go on walks! She will happily bring you her ball to throw over and over again. Mary is very clever and knows a few basic commands like ‘sit,’ ‘paw,’ and ‘bed’. When she is relaxed she absolutely loves attention and will give you her paw to tell you she wants a fuss. She will fall asleep with you stroking her ears. Once she gets to know you she loves your companionship and is a very loyal girl.

She would be happiest with a garden to play in where she can have a bit of space to run, and access to a nice walk. She would benefit from someone who is home a lot of the time as she doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time.  As she can be quite nervous of new situations she needs someone who is understanding and willing to work with her. ”

We are delighted to have been able to help Mary (who is just beautiful), she had spent a couple of months in emergency boarding kennels after her owner died. There were 9 German Sheherds in total living in the property; tragically they were with their deceased owner’s body. All were adults and have been sent to different branches for rehabilitation and rehoming-they are doing well. None were aggressive in any way shape or form which is extaordinary considering that quiet a few were semi feral, they hadn’t ever been outside of the property their entire lives. Mary however must have had a normal life earlier on as she’s really not like her youngsters at all, she’s the eldest so problems must have started when the owner couldn’t manage a high number of dogs. Mary is fit as a fiddle, she will be having a scale and polish and one cracked tooth removed. It’s only been a week in the foster home but she does have separation anxiety, she is probably missing the company of her canine family, we feel she would benefit from living with another dog, afterall that is all she has ever known. But of course we don’t want to limit her chances so would consider a dog free home only if she’ll have a good network of canine friends to frolic with on a regular basis.

If you’d be interested in giving Mary a loving home, please contact our Dog Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 01625 669620

Log 860/20/12/18