Max – Cross Breed

Cross breed
Arrived 14th March
Private boarding kennels Macclesfield
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Update August: Max was adopted but sadly was returned after just two weeks through no fault of his own. However, here are some words from the previous adopters:

Max has been a delight since day one and I could simply not believe the energy this fellow has. He loves to see what is going on while you are cooking or doing something, play with you or other dogs and finish the day cuddling on the sofa. Trust that every morning, day and evening he will greet you with the biggest of greetings, which will brighten up any day. Due to unforseen circumstances and the reality that at this stage in his life he simply needs someone around him a lot more than I could offer, and/or, ideally another dog to keep him entertained, it was with the greatest of heartaches that I had to bring him back. It was imperative to set aside my love for him in order he gets a home where he can live to his full potential and enjoy a lot of attention. Max is very smart, responsive, has the sweetest character, enough love to feed the world and the sparkly personality that outshines any other dog I know. When he turns around on a walk to see where you are that look could break the coldest of hearts. Please give him a good and understanding home, love and plenty of walks, he deserves it. Max is one in a million!


June update: Max went to a new home on a trial basis as the family dog is tough and go with dogs but sadly he didn’t take to Max, however here are a few words from the lovely couple who looked after him: “Max is a brilliant young dog that’s full of energy and wants to play. He instantly became part of the family, bonding with both Emma and I. He had a couple of through the night accidents but always went to the back door to do so. He’s strong on the lead, great off it and well behaved in the house when we weren’t at home. He loves to play, getting a lot of fuss, meet/play with other dogs and loves going for walks Unfortunately, our dog didn’t get along with him. He has great temperament and never reacted to our dog when Travis didn’t want to play and when he snapped at him. Taking him back was one of the hardest things I’ve done, even with him being with us for only 2 weeks. Anyone who adopts Max will be adopting a wonderful dog, it’s very disappointing that our home can’t be his.Good luck Max.

A complaint was made to the RSPCA about a thin dog, Max came into our care as his owner couldn’t take care of him anymore. Max has been neutered, micro chipped and started vaccinations.
Max is a stunning dog with unusual markings and a gorgeous colour, he has the personality to match too! A very friendly, inquisitive and lively big puppy! Good but strong on the lead, good with other dogs and loves his walks. He would suit a family as he’s so young and playful, older kids would suit as that’s what he’s been used to and he’d love nothing more than to muck about in the garden chasing balls!  He would in fact make a great addition to any type of household although we do not know what he’s like with cats. He will need at least a couple of hours a day of exercise due to his age. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Max will have a fab dog in their lives.

Log No. 1499 20/03/15
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