Mercy – Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog

17 months
Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog
Arrived 1st June
Private boarding kennels Cheshire

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Mercy…she is absolutely gorgeous! It’s not often you come across an Alapaha Bulldog in this country; she is a Blue Merle and incredibly strong but such a gentle, submissive girl, however she does have a playful boisterous side. She came into our care because the owner never sought veterinary treatment for a prolapsed vulva. The RSPCA got her to a vet immediately for an operation and treatment back in May. She is shortly going to be spayed along with the sutures/tubes removal of the area operated on. As she’s only been allowed short lead walks she’s not been away from the premises but the dogs she has met on site or at the vets she’s been absolutely fine with. She’s not been allowed off lead exercise for some weeks due to the operation so she’s chomping at the bit for some freedom! A pet and young child free is ideal and someone who has the strength to be able to walk her…it’s not her fault she’s so powerful, she responds to positive re-enforcement training of course. She’s a grunter and groaner and this just adds to her adorable character!


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RSPCA log no.2958/24/05/17