Merlot – Cat

Black short haired
3 1/2 years approx
Arrived 8th January
Fostered Macclesfield, Cheshire
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Foster update 16th March 2015
I have had Merlot for just over 2 months now and cannot believe she has
been overlooked thus far. She has really come out of her shell now and is
an extremely friendly girl very gentle natured. She adores lots of tickles
and being brushed, she will play a little with her various toys her
favourites are a spongey ball and fish on a string toy. Merlot enjoys her
sleep and loves nothing more than curling up in her bed or in the window
sill in the sunshine. She has been outside in my garden with a harness on
but she is not too keen, she will have a sniff around but is not keen on the
harness being on her. I am sure she will enjoy being outside normally
without a harness when she gets her permanent home. Merlot is chatty
especially in a morning when she is telling you she wants her breakfast!
She enjoys wet food and eats dry food too, she enjoys eating Go Cat Crunchy
and Tender as it is not too hard on the teeth she has left. Merlot enjoys
treats too such as Dreamies and Whiskas Crunchies Treats. Merlot is a
gorgeous girl her coat shines chocolate brown/black in the sunshine. She
desperately needs her forever home ideally a quiet child free home with
people who can give her the attention she craves but respect her need for
peace when she wishes to be alone. She does not deserve to be overlooked
simply because of her colour as she is a lovely cat. If you can find it in
your heart to give this beautiful girl a forever home please come and meet
her you will simply adore her”.
Foster update 25th Jan

Merlot has been with me just over a fortnight now and she was pretty timid to start with but now is coming out of her shell more, she greets me in a morning and meows at me until I put her breakfast down. She does prefer to sleep away in a quiet area usually behind my sofa or under my bed but she will come out when she wants some human contact. Merlot has a gentle nature and likes to have a chat with you and a tickle under her chin, she is enjoying being groomed which is another good way of bonding and gaining her confidence. She is beginning to play with toys now she has settled in with us more. Merlot enjoys her food but does not overeat, she manages dry food well enough considering she has several teeth missing. I feel that due to Merlot’s timidness she needs a quiet child free home with people who will respect her need for peace and quiet but will be able to bestow all the tickles and fusses she requires. If you can give this beautiful girl that special forever home please come and see her.

Merlot originally came into our care in 2011 as a stray-suspected road traffic accident. She was adopted but sadly after 3 years has come back as she and the other cat were not getting on at all. Merlot is micro-chipped, neutered and vaccinated. She is a healthy cat but due to having gingivitis in the past she has had most of her teeth (bar four) removed.

Merlot is a friendly cat, of course she’s a little timid in the foster home but that’s to be expected. A few words from her previous owner: “She likes to be brushed, less accustomed to being picked up, but she loves to be stroked, tickled under the chin and comes and sits on your knee and purrs when near humans. Slightly timid but she is affectionate. If you call her in when she is outside she often comes in. Merlot loves to be sociable around humans – is very friendly & a bit daft. Will love anyone who feeds her and gives her attention and affection and plays with her! She also likes to be independent with access to the outside” Going into a new home we expect Merlot to be very timid but in time she will relax and gain confidence and be the cat that her previous owner describes. Merlot needs a pet free home without young children.

 Log 1986 28/11/11

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